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Prayer changes things

by PRIDE Newsdesk

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Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

The War Room is a must see. The movie moves through the storyline of a troubled marriage, providing helpful tools and reminders on the importance of prayer in our lives. It brings to life real human issues like discouragement, pride and forgiveness. And it paints a picture of grace and mercy.

The War Room is a sobering slap in the face saying that all of us need to pray more often and spend more time with the Lord. The Bible teaches us that we need to pray.

Often instead of praying, we choose to engage in other responses to our feelings of loneliness, betrayal, struggles with temptation, and discouragement.

We may deal with our loneliness by finding other people, who are not the healthiest for us, or engage in addictive behavior. How many times have we yelled at someone because they hurt or disappointed us? We may have used profanity or other ‘language’ to express our anger and pain. Remember those times when we were tempted with sin. We just kept thinking about it, and before we knew—we were fully engaged with it.

In times when we are feeling blue and struggling with all of these human problems, we need to focus on the greatest weapon God provided for each of us—prayer. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds,” II Corinthians 10:4. Although we live in the flesh, we have deal with the struggles around us with spiritual weapons. Prayer can pull down strongholds.

We need to pray with faith and ask faith to pray. We need to pray God’s promises, and his divine and holy word. We need to pray at the very moment when we are faced with these problems, and God will help us. God will intervene. God will deliver us. God will show us how powerful prayer is to change things, people, and situations.

As we go through life’s twists and turns, let us not take prayer lightly. Let us not take it for granted when someone asks us to pray for them. We need to pay attention to the needs of the people around us. We do not have to walk in judgment of anyone. We do not need to point fingers and cast blame or cast stones. We need to pray for ourselves and each other.

We need to get down our knees and pray. While we are waiting in traffic, we should grab the steering wheel and pray. Most of us have experienced what prayer can do in our lives. But sometimes we get so discouraged and the temptation is so strong, we become neglectful in our prayer lives.

Let us revitalize our relationship with God, and pray in Jesus name for more faith, discipline, direction and love so that we can see change in our lives, the people around us and even the world. Prayer changes things.

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