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Go out praying

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

One of the major struggles we have with prayer is waiting on an answer. Some of the things we pray for are difficult and regard seemingly impossible situations. They require prayer. We have grandparents praying for grandchildren.

Parents are praying for their children to change. Wives are praying for their husbands to get off drugs, and husbands praying for their wives to come home at night. There are single people who are praying to get married. There are people praying over a sick loved one dying of cancer, and there is someone else praying that God will heal his or her body.

God has a lot on his plate. There are so many concerns being offered before the Lord. Regardless of the number of messages going up to heaven, God hears our prayers. We have to pray against the odds. We all remember the man whose son had the withered hand, but the disciples could not heal him. He prayed to Jesus, upon his arrival, to help his unbelief (Mark 9:24). It’s tough to believe when we have prayed earnestly for a long time for something to change or happen. We may not want to confess it, but we sometimes start to cooperate with our doubt. Then we give up on our prayers.

We have to pray against the odds, and we have to pray until it’s all over. We have to pray in spite of what circumstances look like. We have to pray even when the situation for which we are praying gets worse. Rather than giving up, we should continue to pray. We need to go out praying. We should continue to cry out to the Lord over our concerns. Unanswered, delayed prayers do not mean that God does not care or God has forgotten. Often it means that God has a method of answering our prayers. We do not know when the prayer is going to be answered or how God chooses to answer it. We have to trust God, and ask him to help our unbelief.

We have to go out praying, because it’s not over until its over. Instead of throwing in the towel on God’s plans for our prayers, we need to wait in faith. We need to remember there is nothing too hard for God. We must pray against the odds. Many of us have watched football games where one team may have a winning edge over the other team.

There is no way the losing team could make a comeback, but that team does not give up. They keep playing as if they still have a chance to win, even though they are in the fourth quarter.

This is how we must pray. We must pray no matter what the scoreboard says, because God can turn situations around in a matter of seconds. Be encouraged. Go out praying!

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