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Amazing grace

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I am continuously reminded of the love, grace, and mercy of an omnipotent and omnipresent God. It is a love that I feel compelled to share with others lest I burst from the mounting internal pressure within seeking release. I do not wish to appear as a braggadocio, pushing my testimony or accounts of a relentless love on uninterested ears. I only wish to share my story from time to time to others who may be able to relate or who may find pleasure, assurance, or hope in knowing that this world with all its gloom and doom offers blessings to those who chose to accept my Lord and God.

I cannot speak for anyone else but I know what is real and important spiritually in my life. I honestly wish everyone could experience this unprecedented love that encompass me every day. I can’t imagine being able to navigate through this walk called life, without God’s guidance.

I find obedience to his will, only enhances the blessings that seem to rain upon me daily.

What I find so surprising, is the fact that I am by no means a saint and have fallen short of God’s will many times, but God continues to show me that he loves me and will never forsake me. However, I can contest that I honestly work daily to try to be worthy of the blessings he continuous to bestow upon me. I truly believe there are many who can attest to the love of family, friends, and personal satisfaction in life I have been afforded.

Please do not assume that my life is perfect or I do not encounter frustrations and upsets from time to time. But I find it short-lived when I am finally and totally able to give them to my God. My major goal or priority in life is to accept, honor and please him. For that I am promised eternal life. How can I go wrong with such a loving relationship?

My whole life is dedicated to improving my personal relationship and spiritual growth with my God. Please do not feel I’m forcing my religion on anyone, because I feel everyone’s spiritual relationship is personal and by no means should be forced upon anyone. I am only sharing what I honestly feel every human being could experience. When you have something this good going on, it would literally be sinful not to attempt to share.

I have many friends who do not practice my religion, yet are very respectful of my religion as I am of their religions. I would never degrade anyone’s religious beliefs which share a message of love for humanity and to be the best person you can be. Anything that does not promote loving your fellow man and promoting love is not divine or of a spiritual nature. We must be aware of fanatics or extremists masquerading around pushing amended self-serving agendas that do not truly represent their established or practiced religion.

Religion should not be forced upon anyone but accepted willingly with free will. To those reading this article, lift your eyes to the heavens and say ‘amen’ if you can relate to God’s amazing grace. Sometimes you must exhale and share the goodness brought about through your relationship with God. Just think that there exists a love offering mercy and embracing you when you can’t find it to love yourself. Thank you God for your amazing grace. It’s never ending.

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