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Tank dazzles

by PRIDE Newsdesk



Wisconsin native and sensual R&B singer Durrell Babbs (Tank), a ladies’ favorite among performers, was a ‘force of nature’ (like his debut album) Oct. 22 at the City Winery downtown. His talents were on full display for a passionate sold-out crowd who was starving to be entertained.

Showing passion is Tank’s strong suit. The singer would bring some of that fervor to this 90-minute set. The chiseled, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer did not disappoint. Over the years Tank has made a mark in R&B for earnestly pouring his heart out on ballads such as ‘Sex Music’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’ as well as contributing hits to numerous R&B artists, such as Jamie Foxx, Aaliyah and others.

Although this was an intimate setting, he did touch on a couple of upbeat tracks, such as ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘I Gotta Have It.’ Consequently, at this point in the show his vocals may have been the strongest of the night. The ladies were the judges and they approved every message in every song. “I had so much fun. He was wonderful,” said an enthusiastic female fan at the show’s conclusion.

Tank played the keyboard and sang over pre-recorded music. The format allowed him to delve deeper into the sentiment of the songs. Based on the cheers in the crowd, his bold acrobatic showmanship got the job done. The ladies practically sang every word to almost every song at the top of their lungs.

Tank’s shows are very interesting, simply because he’s either the only artist or one of the very few artists that actually gives away money at almost every show.

For a few women, it literally pays to be at one of his shows. After thanking the women for all the time, money and effort spent to get ready for the show, Tank takes it a step further. He gives away cold, hard cash out of his own pocket to random women in the audience. At this concert, he would provide funds to four different women. This was meant to cover their pedicure, manicure, waxing and haircut costs they’d already incurred. On this night, he would give away a total of $460 ($25, $35, $100 and $300 increments). The amount and number of women vary from show to show. His ‘ahem’ had a flummoxed lady from the audience about to faint when she was serenaded by the star.

Tank started as a background singer and songwriter. He eventually got his first big break performing background vocals for Ginuwine.

Eventually, Tank would be rewarded with his own deal. Since his debut single in 2001, ‘Maybe I Deserve,’ that went gold, his attractive melodies, spirit and swagger has stood out amongst his counterparts. In 2007, he formed a supergroup called TGT (Tyrese/Ginuwine/Tank).

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