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‘Vibrant In Red’ hosts Pajama Party Breakfast

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Members of the Red Hat Society, Vibrant In Red Chapter, Nashville, Tenn

Members of the Red Hat Society, Vibrant In Red Chapter, Nashville, Tenn

Unlike traditional clubs, the Red Hat Society (RHS) may have multiple chapters in any given town. If a woman wants to be queen of her own chapter, then by all means, self-appoint!
This is what Pat Patterson did in 2004. Pat Patterson is the Queen Mother to the ladies of the RHS, Vibrant In Red Chapter, Nashville, Tenn. As they hold meetings, attend functions and participate in the activities of the RHS, Vibrant in Red also hosts an annual Pajama Party.

Fifty is a pivotal age for ladies. All members of the RHS that are 50 years old or older, wear red hats and purple clothing to meetings and events they attend together. Women younger than 50 are encouraged to join as well, but they typically wear pink hats and lavender clothing.

The Red Hat Society (RHS) is a group of women who greet middle age with humor, amusement, and energy. These ladies enjoy acting silly and childlike while wearing red hats and purple outfits. The women of the Red Hat Society have a fantastic time growing old together by adding comedy and friendship to their life experiences. Tea parties, birthday celebrations, Halloween events, cruises, parades and any other creative celebration they desire are some events that you may see a red-hatter attending.

It all started when Sue Ellen Cooper, the founder and Exalted Queen Mother of the Red Hat Society, saw a marvelous vintage red hats at a thrift store and purchased it since it was cheap and dazzling. She later read a poem about wearing purple with red hats.

Sue Ellen decided to give her dear friend a swanky vintage red hat and a copy of the poem for her birthday.

The gift was such a hit that Sue Ellen decided to give the same gift to each of her friends for their birthday. Once all of her friends had their own unique red hats, they decided to add in the purple outfits and have themselves a lovely tea party.

Queen Pat attended an annual conference, and it was there that she was enamored with the idea that the ladies were walking the streets in their pajamas! She returned home and decided that the ladies of her chapter, Vibrant In Red, would host a pajama party.

They all thought she was crazy. Although she is over the age of 50, Pat has a flair for life that is exciting and cheerful anyway—so a pajama party wouldn’t seem too eccentric for her.
Following their Queen Mother, the ladies hosted the event 10 years ago.

The breakfast remains an annual event held in October.

In 2015 the 11th annual Red Hatters Vibrant In Red Breakfast Pajama Party had a theme, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s.’

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