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From Crack to Christ set for James K. Polk Theatre

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Tanya Davis

Tanya Davis

In less than one month, From Crack to Christ (the hit stage play) will make its debut onstage in Nashville. The powerful script was taken from the book of the same name. From Crack to Christ (everyone’s life has cracks in it) was written by noted author Tanya Davis, and describes a dark part of her life and how she overcame it all. From Crack to Christ is a powerful narrated dramatic gospel-musical with remarkable music and singing that tells the story of unconditional love.

Tanya came from a loving, good home but was later caught up in a web of deceit, strife, and drug propelled crime, rapes and kidnappings from the misery of crack cocaine. What began as an innocent young woman’s curiosity and the mis-leading of Hollywood’s glitz and glitter lasted years and ended in prison. But even dark clouds can have silver linings. While in prison, Tanya Davis learned the art of cutting hair with a pair of toe nail clippers. Today she owns and operates one of the Mid South’s trendiest master beauty salons (Salon Ice) and caters to a diverse clientele of both sexes.

From the often mean streets of Detroit, Michigan to the melodic corridors of Music City U.S.A., Tanya Davis walks an entirely different walk now and recently celebrated 26 years clean and sober. In her quest to ‘give back,’ two organizations and their clients will benefit from this impacting production in several ways. Tanya Davis & Co. has partnered with Mending Hearts, Inc. and Operation Stand Down Tennessee. Each nonprofit 501(c)3 organization will received monetary donations from the production.

From Crack to Christ plays in Nashville, November 28-29, Thanksgiving weekend. The VIP Red Carpet Reception promises to be an entire rave, as guests will be dressed to the nines. No matter the level of success, Tanya Davis remains humble, ‘prayed up’ and always has a positive, kind word to share. She imparts wisdom upon her team daily and recently implemented a series of remarkable empowering sessions for maximum growth.

From Crack to Christ the stage play is eagerly anticipated. Each scene, song and talented actor promises to evoke an array of emotion from theatre goers—leaving every ticket holder with compelling food for thought.

For more information, visit or <www.tpac.org/shows>; or call Harvest Entertainment at 615-782-4040 or 615-618-4453.

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