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Sonja Brown from Prison to Praise and beyond

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Sonja Vaughn Brown

Sonja Vaughn Brown

If you’ve ever met vibrant evangelist, author and multi-entrepreneur Sonja Vaughn Brown and she has shared even a bit of her story, it’s easier to ascertain why her book is titled From Prison to Praise. But it doesn’t stop there, for Sonja. From Prison to Praise is not just a perky catch phrase. It’s her testimony, and praise is her actual life. This woman is on an endless mission to lead by example and continuously give hope to the hopeless and uplift all within her reach.

The book and her life are tangible examples of one woman’s rise from degradation to peace, joy and glory on earth. Years of a former crack cocaine addiction riddled her mind body, soul and family with despair, pain, suffering and ongoing worries. The steel bars of confinement in a Tennessee prison were the beginning journey for Sonja Vaughn Brown to a positive useful change in her life.

She thanks God daily for allowing her another chance to get it right and uses this chance to minister to and to change the lives of others for the greater good. Her myriad of talents and new life options include: the outreach and ministry work she does via ‘From Prison to Praise Ministries’ (P2P); and tithing into other ministries. The mobile book tour and outreach tour allows her and her team of compatible professionals to literally take the P2P books and other display items on the road for vendor and outreach ministries.

Another hat for the evangelist and author includes running her successful seasonal, tax business ‘AuthentiQ Tax Service.’ Most recently, her international Hair Line (S&J Essentials-AuthentiQ Hair Collection) keeps her happily bouncing across the U.S.A. and to Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a city known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and being a beautiful province for tourism. That’s just one of the breathtaking changes for the little girl born and raised in Tennessee.

Evangelist Brown’s work and presence has also been increased by her work in two major organizations: the ‘Leading Ladies’ and the ‘Beauty Behind Bars Tour.’ In addition to group participation for enhancing the lives of others, Sonja gives of herself whenever time and the spirit leads her to do so. That includes but is not limited to one on one spiritual counseling; aiding in the professional development and mentoring of other evangelists and ministers; and being a vendor supporting other businesses and ministries.

As we move into the New Year, readers and supporters alike can look to hear more from this versatile, multi-talented woman of God. She plans to allow God to lead her wherever he has plans for her to go or be “to enlighten and to empower others, while accepting them wherever their station in life has them, while teaching them to prepare for the greatness within themselves and the positive things that are in store for them.”

Evangelist Sonja Vaughn Brown certainly is not letting any grass grow under her feet.

She has taken life by the reigns and put prison in the past where it should be. She praises God daily for all the blessings she has been showered with. For more information, visit <www.facebook.com/Min.SonjaVaughn>.

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