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Free legal clinics in January, February and March

by PRIDE Newsdesk

During the next three months, the Legal Aid Society will offer fee legal clinics to assist people of every nationality. The clinics will be held January 16, February 20, and March 19 in the MNPS El Office, 615 Fessey Park Road, off of Bransford Ave., next to the MNPS Board of Education building.

Though the lawyers and advisors are unable help with specific criminal problems, they will be there to advise on many legal issues. Volunteer lawyers will be available to provide advice on family issues, debt problems, wage claims, homeownership, landlord problems, conservatorship, car purchase or repair issues, benefits and much more.

The upcoming legal clinic, slated for January 16 will be held in the El office of English Learners.

In an effort to offer legal support to as many citizens as possible, there have been several fliers produced in a variety of languages that are available by contacting the MNPS Office of English Learners EL Family & Community Liaison, Ruben E. DePena.

“The vision of the MNPS El Team is to support English Learners (Els) and non English Language Background (NELB) families with the social, emotional, cultural, linguistic and academic skills necessary to excel in higher education,work and life.
As a nod to the many languages the El office works with, the flyers are duplicated in the languages of English, Spanish, Arabic, Somali, and Kurdish.

To obtain additional information on the MNPS Office of English Learners or to receive flyers in one of the aforementioned languages, contact the office at 615-259-3282, ext. 858256.

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