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The power of 1,000 praying women

by PRIDE Newsdesk

 The Power of 1,000 Women Conference (Photo by Cedric Thomison)

The Power of 1,000 Women Conference (Photo by Cedric Thomison)

For centuries the power of prayer has proven to be effective and the healing balm for all things on earth and beyond. As the year 2016 successfully kicked off, the Nashville based Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church of the South Central Conference Women’s’ Ministries launched an unforgettable tribute to “all things prayer” via The Power of 1,000 Women Conference.

Conference visionaries and planners included: Shirley Scott – organizer and Women’s Ministry Director for the South Central Conference (of SDA) and Dr. Janice Johnson Browne. Attendees experienced, seasoned, and the anointed powerful word of God from Alicia Jones, Associate Pastor of the Riverside Church and Dr. Janice Johnson Browne, staunch prayer warrior, international speaker, author, and the esteemed Founder of the Living Hope Ministry.

Professional photographers Cedric Thompson and Elder E.L Jones Jr. (Associate Pastor of the Hillcrest SDA Church) captured the event, further highlighting some of the most sanctioned moments which took place. Women from various denominations and in all stations of life entered the conference with hearts and minds open; ready to receive the word of God and bond spiritually. International Speaker & Author Stormie Omartain – “The Power of Praying Books” added even more spiritual and verbal depth.

Gale Murphy was the Worship Leader and accompanist for the conference along with Recording Artist Lola Moore and Tikki Shelly who utilized their melodic and instrumental skills taking the event to a higher level of worship and praise.

Many would agree that everyone should be praying around the clock, alone and in the company of others. But it is something about the power of joining forces for prayer and when women pray. Certainly the same can be said for praying men, but how many stories have we heard about “My momma prayed for me” or “Grandma prayed for me?”

Not like the fox hold prayers that one makes when in trouble, planned and directed worship such as the worship which took place at this conference really does makes a variable difference. By the way, fox hole prayers is a slang term that describes a prayer of desperation. Praying to God in a bargaining fashion: “If you get me out of this, I won’t do it again.”

An example that clearly explains Prayer defined by the Dictionary says: 1. a devout petition to God.

The Nashville Area Seventh Day Adventist and their guests showed up and showed out for God and his mighty word.

The 1,000 women praying conference is not the total solution but the awareness raised through the spiritual food served will be remembered for some time to come.

For more information about the 1,000 Women Praying Conference or to be included in their newsletter see: http://nashvilleareasda.com/

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