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Lord, you are mighty

by PRIDE Newsdesk

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Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

We all get weak. No matter how much we try to pretend that we are strong all the time, we have some times in our lives when our spiritual muscles and minds grow weary and we feel like giving up. We may even become stressed and feel despondent. When we are in this place, we have to remember that there is a God who loves us and who is more than able to give us all the strength we need to make it through our challenges. This is why the psalmist wrote: “Who is the King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle” (Psalm 24:8). Our Lord is mighty! When we have those moments when we are struggling with temptation, worry, fear, rejection or betrayal we can lean on the Lord—because he is strong and mighty.

The Lord is mighty in battle. This journey called life can be a battle ground. We are constantly wrestling with our flesh, with what we want to do, who we want to love, and what we want to eat. We fight against the devil as he launches warfare against our destinies, children, families, health, and any other area that he feels he can destroy. There is good news. The Lord is mighty, and he is mighty in battle. What that means is that there is no one more powerful than the Lord. He is the King of Glory! Some of the battles we fight require more than strength. They require the mighty power of the Lord. This is another level of power. There is no one else in possession of this next level of power. There is nobody like the Lord. It was might that created the heavens and the earth. Might put swim in a fish.

Might put quack in the duck. Might made the sky blue, and the sun yellow. It takes might to get off drugs or be delivered from any other type of addiction. It takes might to get out of an unhealthy relationship. It takes might to write a book or live out our dreams. It takes might to finish an educational program. God gives us the strength, because he is mighty in battle. We often think that we are mighty in battle, or that another person can win this battle for us. But if we were honest with ourselves, we’d see that the things that go through our minds and the attacks we experience in this life can be overcome with God’s help. Others do not possess the strength, the stamina, the patience, the grace, or the glory to get us through.

We need God, our Lord, who is mighty in battle. God is victorious because of his might. He is the King of Glory.We can experience victory in our battles because Lord, you are mighty! God’s greatness, the fact that he is mighty in battle, is something that we have to acknowledge in our lives.

We have to declare, Lord, that you are mighty when we are going through trials and tribulations. When we are feeling alone, we have to declare that, Lord, you are mighty. When we are feeling sick in our bodies, we have to declare that,

Lord, you are mighty. God is mighty in battle. He revealed his might over 2,000 years ago when he sent his son Jesus who died and rose again with all power in his hands. Lord, you are mighty.

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