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Darryl Van Leer performs Mandela: Let Freedom Reign

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Darryl Van Leer

Darryl Van Leer

Manna From Heaven Dinner House is continuing a month of celebrations, ‘Making History at the Manna.’

On Friday, February 26, at 7 pm the community will gather at the Manna, 3510 West Hamilton Ave., for a special presentation: Mandela: Let Freedom Reign. Famed one-man artist, Darryl Van Leer does a spectacular performance depicting the life of Nelson Mandela. He retells the story from early life to becoming the leader of the ANC. During this presentation, Van Leer delivers the famous ‘I am Prepared to Die’ speech at his treason trial and receives a life sentence. He also describes the 27 dark years in prison and how the apartheid regime is forced to contend with the unstoppable international outcry. At the climax, he delivers his Inaugural Presidential Address, which he urges all in the new Rainbow Nation to “Let freedom reign.”

Darryl Van Leer is an award-winning actor who has been captivating audiences for approximately 20 years with his one-man dramatizations for which he is the writer, director and producer. Van Leer is a trained musician since age 11. Through live music, acting and singing, he showcases his full range of talent as he illuminates the need for music in today’s society. He has performed an array of artists from Ray Charles, Elton John, Little Richard and many other musical legends along with other great legends and leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Thurgood Marshall; Frederick Douglass; and Malcolm X.

Van Leer’s performances are often described with such words as “emotionally riveting, masterful and rousing.”
The Manna From Heaven Dinner House is located at 3510 West Hamilton Ave. in Nashville, Tenn. Ticket information is available by calling 615-299-8097; or visit the official website at MannaMakingHistory.eventbrite.com

(l-r) Barry Scott, DJ Eason, andSharesse Jackson as Fannie Lou Hamer

(l-r) Barry Scott, DJ Eason, andSharesse Jackson as Fannie Lou Hamer

Black History continues ‘Making History at the Manna’

Barry Scott, producer, director, writer and actor, has created a new project that will be performed in celebration of Black History Month.

On Monday, February 22, the performance, Pick Up ‘I Am’ Calling, will be at the Manna From Heaven Dinner House, 3510 West Hamilton Ave. This performance is a one-man show, and is a new work based on the poem written by poet and spoken word artist DJ Eason. In this ‘work-in-progress’ production, Eason’s poem gets a theatrical treatment under the direction of Barry Scott. Eason stars as the man who is trying to reach God via his smart phone. Pick Up ‘I Am’ Calling explores humanity’s quest for relationship with the creator.

Barry Scott is a veteran who has a resume that includes works as a motivational speaker, teacher, voiceover artist, community activist, chosen Nashvillian of the Year in 1993 by a panel of community leaders, and founder of the American Negro Playwright Theater (ANPT) which has produced such works as A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Looking Over the President’s Shoulder, a play about Alonzo Fields, the first African American chief butler of the White House, directed by Emmy-winner Robert Guillaume.

Ending the month of activities at the Manna will be the presentation of Fannie on Monday, February 29. This is also a one-woman show that depicts the basic right that all citizens now enjoy: the right to vote. Fannie Lou Hamer was one who fought tirelessly for that right.

“Sharesse Jackson’s presentation should remind us all about the precious opportunity we have now to participate in all elections,” said the director and producer. “People fought, died and had many obstacles to give all people this ‘inalienable right.’”

Pick Up ‘I Am’ Calling and Fannie will begin at 6:30 pm at Manna From Heaven Dinner House, 3510 West Hamilton Ave. in Nashville. For ticket information, call 615-299-8097; or visit MannaMakingHistory.eventbrite.com.

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