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Breaking the power of sin

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Minster Lois Brown

Minster Lois Brown

Around the world on Easter morning, many Christians will gather for a sunrise service in which the proclamation will be made: ‘He is risen!’

What a glorious celebration Easter Sunday represents for each of us! God, in raising Christ, has broken the power of sin and set us free. God in raising Christ, has established a sure eternal future for each of us.

As we celebrate the reality and the glory of the risen Christ, our hearts are filled with praise and worship as we gain new insight and understanding of God’s eternal purposes and His plan of salvation for the world.

Sadly, too easily we can miss the point because the whole message of Easter tells about life-changing power. It is not about a personal relationship with God, made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross!

Our relationship with Christ and His life within us enables us to look at things from a different perspective. Christ has become the center of focus for our lives.

We are called to experience for ourselves the power and victory of the resurrection in our everyday lives. Let us lift up our heads and live as people who daily experience the victory that was won for us at Calvary.

(The Prayer Faith and Healing Ministry was founded by Min. Lois Brown.)

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