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Friends of Hadley Park Tennis changing young lives

by PRIDE Newsdesk

(l-r): Coach Joe Goldthreate, Patricia Goldthreate, Te- nnis Pro Katherine Stokes, Coach Curtis Holland

(l-r): Coach Joe Goldthreate, Patricia Goldthreate, Tennis Pro Katherine Stokes, Coach Curtis Holland

Friends of Hadley Park Tennis Program (FOHPTP) have demonstrated for well over 40 years that hard work, dedication and unyielding support can make a difference in the lives of many—especially the youth population whose ages have ranged from five to 18. Executive Director and Coach Joe Goldthreate, Vice President Coach Curtis Holland, and many others continue to put everything into the tennis program. So many great things have stemmed from their time and effort. The 501(c)3 program is in need of assistance and recently, a letter was launched with the support of (FOHPTP) President Board of Directors Fannie Holmes rallying for much needed support.

This innovative program is located in historic Hadley Park Community Center, North Nashville. It provides children from various socio-economic backgrounds a safe, clean place to interact and learn how to be healthy athletes and competitors. Sportsmanship is key and an invaluable life skill that has played a part in the many youth who have either earned college scholarships, moved on to play in tennis tournaments, or played on the professional tour circuit.

Over the years the program has relied on grants and donations to survive, including but not limited to the coaches and other board members donating out of their personal finances. Tennis is an esteemed sport and one that embraces physical and mental discipline. Coach Goldthreate has invested and believes in the program so strongly that he came out of full retirement to help keep it moving. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has introduced a citywide initiative to reduce youth violence and crime by fostering programs that actually make a difference. She sees tennis as a valuable tool. Her support of the FOHPTP is no secret and she highly encourages others to get on board to help keep the program running to full capacity and stay in place.

Coach Goldthreate has community and municipal support as well as the professional and personal support of his lovely wife Patricia Goldthreate. Coach Holland and Coach Goldthreate are two different coaches but well are connected and on board together for the program’s greater good.

We had the opportunity to meet one of Coach Goldthreate’s many ‘success stories,’ Pro Tour Tennis athlete Katherine Stokes. She is currently on the Pro tour circuit with noted tennis champion Serena Williams and others. Upon walking into the tennis bubble or onto the well-manicured tennis court, they present the utmost professionalism with a warm welcome, willing to answer any question.

As awesome as it is, and considering the myriad of lives this program touches—without tax-deductible support, the heartbeat of the program might beat on a different level.

For additional information or to set up an appointment contact the FOHPTP at (615) 500-8782.

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