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Whites Creek High School athletic track bears Coach Sam Smith legacy

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Coach Sam Smith will be honored in the highest esteem for his well-earned and deserved service to youth and the city of Nashville on Friday May 6.

The track facility at Whites Creek High School will be named after the hard working 73-year-old veteran coach.

For 36 years, Coach Smith has dedicated his time and life to girls’ track, football and other professional coaching endeavors. The high school is located at 7277 Old Hickory Blvd, Whites Creek, Tenn. 37189.

This honor has been long awaited, and everyone involved are very thankful. Anticipation for May 6 is still building. Nashville’s first female Mayor, Megan Barry, and a host of VIP’s will be present for the ribbon cutting ceremony. There will also be a parade included in the overall fanfare of the day. The ceremony will begin promptly at 12:30 pm, CDT. An RSVP invitation only reception will follow.

The academic faculty, student body, and parents are being prepped for the special day ahead.

Metro Nashville Public Schools have generously supported this endeavor with a disclosed budget to help move the project ahead.

The Tennessee State University graduate and former teacher, Coach Sam Smith, is known for many contributions including his 36 years of serving as the head coach of the Nashville based, Continental T-Belles Girls Track Club, Inc. The bulk of female athletes who begin training under Coach Sam Smith’s guidance (early as age eight) have gone to college on a full scholarship. Programs such as this one can be literal, life rafts for children and parents intending to survive the high statistics of life’s failures.

“I’ve only lost one girl to teenage pregnancy out of 36 years,” said Coach Smith.

The Continental T-Belles Track Club can trace its history to the ‘Tigerbelle Track Club Development Program,’ a summer track program started by the legendary Coach Ed Temple. The purpose of the original club was to provide track and field competition experience for young women, as sanctioned by the USA Track and Field Association www.continentaltbellestrackclub.org.

A press conference will take place at the beginning of the May 6 ceremony.

For additional information, contact Coach Catherine Miller Bowers, 615-585-6921; or e-mail Catherine.bowers2@mnps.org.

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