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Margarita Fest a hit among locals

by PRIDE Newsdesk

If you’ve been curious about the Margarita Festival, last Friday night was the moment to explore what’s been going on the past four years. For three hours, the Nashville Scene hosted their annual ‘tequila fest.’ This was the fifth one, with plenty more in sight. Located downtown, outdoors in the ‘Gulch,’ patrons got a chance to sample 15 margaritas from several local restaurants like Bajo Sexto, Chuy’s and Swanky’s Taco Shop.

Margarita samplers were even able to vote for their favorite. Food was available for purchase from several other restaurants, and there was a rocking DJ on the premises the entire time. The response has been tremendous every year. A hobby for some, recreation for others, this public spectacle was clearly fun for most involved. It was a sold-out event. Tickets were $35 per person. Of course, this was a 21+ event since alcohol was involved—and there was plenty to go around.

Picture this: blue skies, a blue and gold sunset, and a relaxed atmosphere in a cool breeze. In the middle of it all, there were several small tents full of people boozing it up and eating until they dropped. These tents were packed with people trying to get a taste of everything from sausage to fresh pasta and vodka. That’s the Margarita Festival in a nutshell. It’s one night of food, alcohol and fun.

It was a crowded yet mellow scene, as people shoved their glasses at the vendors, trying to get a pour of anything they could reach. People who need their own space should beware. It was a little hard to get details from the city’s best ‘margo’-makers with a line 20 people deep, behind and in front of you waiting for a pour. But to most, it was worth it. Park ‘n Fly provided free bottled water. Texas De Brazil was on hand with a food booth. The food looked and smelled delicious.

It was quite disappointing when they expressed that they were charging.

Why all the conspicuous consumption? Just ask the sponsors, donors and organizers.

The public seems to relish the fact that they can partake, get tipsy and have the munchies for a few hours without having any responsibility—not even to drive themselves home due to ride share vendors like Lyft on sight.

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