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Father’s Day Lessons Year Round

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Founder/CEO Thomas Gooch Sr. (Photo Credit: Marcus Jones)

Founder/CEO Thomas Gooch Sr. (Photo Credit: Marcus Jones)

As with most little boys, Thomas Gooch fostered dreams of success and having the world at his fingertips. He too desired to grow up and be “someone special and to be fondly remembered for great things. Remembered as a man who would make a positive mark on this world and to greatly contribute in all things goods, and just.

Thomas’ life raft organization; “My Father’s House Nashville” is not the only answer or an end all to be all entity. But by God’s grace and glory it’s been definitely deemed a vital starting point for countless many men.

Today Thomas has done just that but not by an conventionally means. He continues to give back and empower the lives of others and seriously by example. On a daily basis Thomas Gooch Sr and his team tithes back into the lives of men and their children, thus proving that no door is ever shut wand positive change is within reach, What is the driving force behind “My Father’s House?” Or event better yet, “how” is it the pivotal point for a gateway of working greatness.

At press time Mr. Gooch shared a bit of his personal experience, strength and hope. His years of going in and out of the system, dedicating his life and sacrificing he lives of others to the bowels of drugs, alcohol, brokenness and being more a part of the problem than the solution to his family and society as a whole.

Existing, “not living or being someone who pulled their own weight and taught others how to do the same in the interim. My Father’s House Nashville is a nonprofit 5 01©3 org, to help Fathers who desire to become, more accountable to their children (or child) My Father’s House is the only mid state which allows the children to visit their father, while in the program. Among many taught skills and abilities, being both physically, emotionally and eventually financially responsibly ultimately equip and empower change one family at a time.

Paying child support and being a tangible presence in the child (or the children’s) lives is a key part in the dignity, self worth and invaluable, mold breaking change and restoration to put and to keep our nations family structure back on track. “My Father’s House” year round father’s day lessons are not just in June anymore.

For more information, go to http://www.myfathershousenashville.org/.

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