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Recognizing the truth

by William T. Robinson, Jr

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

There’s no denying that we are living in some tumultuous times when national security and harmony are at stake. We are at an impasse, where we are forced to deal with contentious problems that keep us from peace with one another. These are not new problems but old problems that have sweltered over time and refused to be ignored with dire consequences pending if not addressed and corrected. It is time to come clean and acknowledge that there are immediate changes needed to keep from further incinerating the fire at hand.

The problems stem from social, political, and economic repercussions that are intertwined in our everyday existence. It involves the way we look at and respond to each other. If we are to be completely honest, we must realize for the most part, there exist two Americas: one Black, and one White in which each generally experiences and perceives different realities.

Our different perceptions on what is real or not are primarily predicated by our individual experiences dictating our reality or the way we perceive things. This makes it hard for others to feel and relate to others who (for whatever reasons) have a totally different knowledge or experience than we do.

We spend a great deal of time questioning someone’s credibility or why they don’t see things the way we see them, thus dismissing an opponent’s veracity. Sometimes not seeing eye-to-eye about things is intentionally used as a smokescreen to maintain the status quo.

We do not live in a world where everything is fair with an equal distribution of resources. In fact, we have the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots,’ which realistically has a monumental effect on how we may view the world or our circumstances. Being economically independent and capable of acquiring all the amenities to make life pleasant for you and your family shouldn’t make you apathetic to those less fortunate.

America must understand that most Blacks in America are not taught to hate Whites or others. Blacks harboring animosity toward Whites is usually precipitated by their personal experience and negative association with a White-dominated society constantly discriminating and making them feel inferior. This is the reality for a vast number of Blacks, and attempts to tell them anything different comes across as an assault to their intelligence and relevance.

It is no secret that America has historically denied Blacks the rights and privileges of their White counterparts. The history and repercussions of horrendous, heinous practices of slavery, discrimination, Jim Crow laws, and segregation dramatically affects the status and condition of many Blacks today.

While a few gains can be seen by some Blacks’ ascension into middle and upper middle class status, the prongs of racism are systemic ingrained in all factions of society. It takes time to remedy such an in-depth and perplex practice.

Progress can only take place once we can honestly address the circumstances leading up to the conflicting issues. Truth and the need to seek righteousness should prevail over defensiveness and sensitivities by parties failing to truly address the ugliness leading to the escalation of the situation. This can be seen in the presence of many Whites protesting and advocating against injustices rendered toward African Americans, seeing injustice not as a Black or White thing, but a wrong thing.

At this time, the most volatile issue that seeks to divide this country is the assault by some law enforcement agencies on what appears to be their heinous attacks disregarding Black lives. This has brought about the Black Lives Matter movement, advocating for justice and change, not violence and hate.

Those claiming that the protest marches are symbolic of hate and promoting violence are deflectors of the truth. Blacks are stating they are tired of disproportionate senseless killings of Blacks and want justice for those killed and changes in the law enforcement agencies that allow this practice by some policemen. Let it be known that this is no indictment on the majority of policemen that we have the utmost respect for in their quest to offer us security and protection at the risk of their lives.

The hurt and pain is felt on both sides by the families and loved ones of victims killed by policemen and the policemen killed. The whole nation is in prayer for those killed and hoping for justice and changes to stop this madness.

Appreciation for truth is necessary and paramount to bringing about a dialogue that can bring about a solution helping mend national wounds and help unite this country. Truth and love must be crucial denominators in combating the demons plaguing our country. Hate and violence are only sick attempts to impede positive progress. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and recognizing their reality good or bad, is a beginning to solving riveting problems in our society.

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