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Dr. Sabrina Jackson re-brands Essential Colors

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Creator/founder/CEO Dr. Sabrina Jackson and her son Marcel Smith, MBA business manager and brand market developer.

Creator/founder/CEO Dr. Sabrina Jackson and her son Marcel Smith, MBA business manager and brand market developer.

‘Essential Colors’ is a model that specializes in the use of four color sections categorizing four key areas of life. They include: ‘faith based,’ ‘business,’ ‘education’ and ‘relationships.’ According to creator/founder/ CEO Dr. Sabrina Jackson: “Essential Colors was created to fill a void in organizational training and culture. The model uses four specific colors and styles, including: 1) blue – ‘We Feel Blue,’ 2) Green — ‘We Think Green,’ 3) Orange – ‘We Think Orange’ and 4) Gold – ‘We Know Gold.’ Use Essential Colors, take it to work, church and live your life better in color by applying Essential Color.”

Dr. Sabrina Jackson is known as the ‘People Expert’ for her dedicated life’s work and interpersonal influences. She is the founder of Sabrina Jackson Enterprises, Inc., a professional consultation firm internationally recognized for its powerful success in personal and professional development training. As a proven coach and speaker, Sabrina saw the need for a diverse but utilizable approach to makeup.

Her personable approach speaks to the heart of organizational obstacles, providing a safe space for individual insight and concise action steps for measurable improvement.

Sabrina has successfully conducted repeated training sessions for corporations such as McDonald’s, Sam’s Club, the International Church of God in Christ, Japan Jurisdiction, International Software Conference, and Allstate Corporation. Dr. Jackson’s radio show, Essentially Sabrina, is received international listenership discussing topics including relationships, high-risk behavior, workplace culture, faith based initiatives, educational development, and entrepreneurship.

Among many other great things, Dr. Sabrina Jackson is also a noted author and devoted single mom. Her latest book is He is Not a Statistic. It shares her success of being a single mom of an African American male who made it through. She provides insights and raises awareness on numerous societal ills and statistics of dealing with the Black male population, while empowering others to rise beyond the myths and be successful.

Her son, Marcel Smith, has an MBA is very successful and is making a name for himself as an author and business manager/brand marketing developer of his mom’s Essential Colors Company. Marcel wrote The Balance a Student Athlete Handbook for Successfully Managing Life With Sports and Academics.

At interview time I asked for a quote from both, mother and son. Dr. Sabrina replied with: “If you deal with people, you need Essential Colors.” “You only have the possibility of your exposure,” said Marcel.

Learn more about your Essential Colors at www.myessentialcolors.com

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