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Nashville welcomes ‘Bloggers and Social Media Conference’

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Shatona Grove

Shatona Kilgore-Grove

The first annual Nashville Blogging and Social Media Conference (BSC) will bring a myriad of 21st century kindred professionals together to educate, enhance and empower an ever-growing literary industry.

Bloggers and social media mavens teach a general audience that blogging and managing social media accounts are now a viable career choice. The conference will be held at organizer Shatona Kilgore-Grove’s graduate school alma mater, the University of Phoenix in Nashville, centrally located on the Marriott Drive campus at 616 Marriott Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37214-5048.

BSC 2016 is designed to help the mid-level blogger become profitable and earn a sustainable living from using more advanced social media strategies. This one-day event features a panel discussion of blog monetizing, using social media to promote your business, and the three rules of brand credibility.

The industry expert panelists for the conference include:
Jason Luntz, social media director for the Tennessee Tribune and president, Nashville National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
Ayumi Bennett, founder Startup Southerner
Dan Morris, full-time blogger and founder of Blogging Concentrated
Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones, expert of experiential marketing and founder of MoJo marketing and PR
Dee Raz, marketing professional with Innovo Concepts and lifestyle blogger
Tiffany Perkins, marketing specialist with Spark Marketer and fashion blogger

The Nashville Blogging and Social Media Conference (BSC) 2016 is sponsored by Crown Events. They pride themselves on bringing diversity to the proverbial table and treating everyone like royalty in the interim.

Supporting organizations include Innovo Concepts, MoJo Marketing and PR, Startup Southerner, and Universe, and Blogging Concentrated.

“The concept for the Nashville Blogging and Social Media Conference (BSC) 2016 is derived from the annual Minnesota Blogger Conference,” said Shatona Kilgore-Groves, founder of Crown events (from Minneapolis, Minnesota).

After moving to Nashville from her home state of Minnesota, she knew she wanted to recreate the conference here with a splash of diversity. It was important to her to have a diverse panel so the audience would see someone they identified with.

“Social media has changed our world and we must learn to master it,” said Kilgore-Groves.

“Not only are companies hiring bloggers and social media marketing managers, but this is something bloggers can earn a six-figure income doing on their own.”

Registration and additional information for the event is available at 612-414-7481; or at the website: <www.universe.com/nashvillebloggingandsocialmediaconference>.

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