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Music City Barber College accepting new registrations

by PRIDE Newsdesk

(l-r) Uchendi “Chin” Nwani and David “D.L.” Hiland. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

(l-r) Uchendi “Chin” Nwani and David “D.L.” Hiland. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Music City Barber College is located at 903 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, Tenn. 37207. The school is accredited and students will learn the best in technique, style and seamless customer service from some of the best industry leaders in the barber and beauty business. Music City Barber College operates as a full service training ground for students seeking to accomplish their goals and dreams in an ever-changing industry. The instructor David ‘D.L.’ Hiland tirelessly offers his years of hard won experience and is dedicated to each and every student enrolled.

Music City Barber College also maintains a commitment to excellence via their program and services to the public. One of the highlights of the institution is the remarkable talent of D.L. Hiland and his world class, twice-won ($25,000 purse) Master Barber Battler. He holds the golden gloves of barber battling, and that is no easy cakewalk.

Before winning the two top coveted Bronner Brothers championships, he competed in other battles just as important—but nothing compares to the skill set and earned notoriety making up golden gloves status. David is a uniquely handsome Caucasian, and a driven individual striving to see each student surpass their limitations and succeed. A portion of his training stems from master cutter, entrepreneur and esteemed father of media mogul Oprah Winfrey, Vernon Winfrey.

CEO Hiland is a graduate known as the Barber Champion, winning over 11 barber battles. But he continues to lead by example and remains humble while doing so.

At interview time Hiland beamed with pride while speaking about his mentor and friend. Sharing how Mr. Winfrey took the time to nurture and train him in all aspects of the barber business and other things as well—ranging from sweeping the floors to life skills. David proudly calls himself ‘Mr. Winfrey’s Barber.’

Financial aid is available for those who qualify and the school is accepting both female and male enrollees. No matter what the class load, each student is given the instructors undivided attention. Whereas the open door policy may be extinct, at Music City Barber College it is the norm.

The website quote is real: “In choosing Music City Barber College, you have indeed chosen the best.

We will continuously provide you with the educational opportunities and service that merit such prestige.”

For more information call 615-227-2665; or check out their all inclusive website at <www.musiccitybarber.com>.

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