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Know Your Worth diverse speakers share different perspective

by PRIDE Newsdesk

2016 Know Your Worth speakers (top row): Michael Warren; Jae Henderson; (middle row) Lady Shaunte Garrett; Tiffany Love-Harden; (bottom row) Latisha and Marcus Tankard.

2016 Know Your Worth speakers (top row): Michael Warren; Jae Henderson; (middle row) Lady Shaunte Garrett; Tiffany Love-Harden; (bottom row) Latisha and Marcus Tankard.

It’s been said time and time again that great minds think alike. But how do great minds think alike? That’s an analogy to ponder no doubt, but on October 2 it will be demonstrated to the general public—or at least those fortunate enough to hold a confirmed registration. The Annual Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship (KYW) – Come Walk the Purple Carpet’ awareness conference will showcase the following dynamic speakers: Lady Shaunte,’ Stellar Award winning radio personality and mistress of ceremonies; Tiffany Harden, CEO of Once in a Wifetime; Jae Henderson, bestselling author; Michael Warren, author, and radio personality; and noted reality TV stars and ministry leaders, Marcus and Latisha Tankard. They all will join facilitator Aaron Jordan, Jr. at the event. Each one of them has something key to offer a movement that just a few short years ago was in the planning stages, but now has taken on some of society’s most volatile issues.

Whereas their messages will be similar, each speaker will address the issues at hand with their own personal twist and respected views. All speakers are community and professional leaders. Imagine them working together in a passionate collective that promises to leave conference attendees longing for more.

Jordan’s experience stems from personal and life experiences. After a couple of failed relationships, he is now happily married to his lovely wife Ashley Jordan. Breaking the mold, he speaks with amazing energy and courage. As a woman, I honestly feel that too many men can’t face or understand some of the perils we as women face—including brokenness, hurt and distain. The baggage is heavy and maybe senseless, but it’s all too real. Domestic violence, rape, abandonment and any form of emotional, physical, financial attacks and assaults can occur in any woman’s lifetime. Such traumatic events do not recognize or respect academic, socioeconomic, race, or religious stations in life. Unfortunately, no one is exempt and Jordan literally stepped up to the plate and continues to make a difference in a myriad of aspects—including this annual conference.

Just like last year, a portion of the conference proceeds will benefit the Mending Hearts, Inc organization. Based in the heart of Nashville, Mending Hearts welcomes all clients who are seeking change from a life of drugs and alcohol addiction. Trina and Charlotte Frierson are founders and co-owners of Mending Hearts.

Aaron Jordan, Jr. saw a need for professional relationship counseling and to teach and minister to the masses the importance of healthy relationships. The dynamics of any relationship is based on good, clear communications and the willingness to work it out with one’s partner. Jordan has firsthand experience, both for his walk in life and from being in a healthy, whole relationship. He has been married to the beautiful Ashley Jordan since 2013. In addition to being an award winning author, speaker, teacher, ministry leader, successful entrepreneur and the face and voice behind the ‘Know Your Worth’ brand, he is a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, Pi Eta Sigma Chapter in Williamson County. Jordan won the Indie Author’s Legacy Author of the Year in Personal Development award. Visit the website www.aaronjordanjr.com for more information.

Domestic violence and other malfeasances against women (men, too, unfortunately) are on the rise and conferences such as KYW not only help to raise awareness, but to empower people and allow them at least the basis of fighting back. Registration is taking place now and there is still time for sponsorships. Mending Hearts, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

The Sunday, October 2, event will be held at the Cool Springs Marriott, AT 700 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin, Tenn. 37067. Call 615-208-3261 or visit the website at www.eventbrite.com/e/know-your-worth-presents-know-your-worth-womens-relationship-conference-2016-tickets-25260338352.

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