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I Just Got My Hair Did launches in Tennessee

by PRIDE Newsdesk

(L-R) Tanya Davis, Chris and Yolonda Having a Ball

(L-R) Tanya, Chris and Yolonda Having a Ball.

How many times have you heard a woman (or man) say: ‘I just got my hair did’?—too many to count no doubt. Well, Tanya Davis, Chris Bond and Yolonda ‘Yolo-Bee’ Beech have put that slogan into prospective. I Just Got My Hair Did is a variety radio talk show new to 92Q FM, Nashville a Cumulus station, (WQQK). I Just Got My Hair Did is already one of the hottest radio shows in Tennessee and the country. With the inclusion of this refreshingly entertaining and highly informative show, ratings are through the roof. Check out the show at 5 pm, CDT, every Saturday and online at www.92qnashville.com. Already the show’s listenership is gauged at 87 million worldwide via the Cumulus network and where the three mega hosts cover ‘all things hair’ the topic matter is extended to beauty, fashion and community.

The show’s purpose is to bring and raise awareness to a broader audience via an hour-long talk show formatted segment. Tanya, Chris and Yolo-Bee each bring their own flavor and myriad of experience to the show. Together they function like a well-oiled, highly tuned precision machine. I Just Got My Hair Did gives information about the past, present and future climate and culture of the hair and overall beauty industry.

These are not newcomers to the industry at all, but they bring a fresh new prospective on familiar issues. Chris Bond is the founder/CEO, and host Tanya Davis is the executive producer. Yolonda Beech is a producer and host. At interview time we were told that the show is considered to be the ‘Breakfast Club’ of beauty. Long-term expansion will include a televised version of the show. I Just Got My Hair Did features different guests, and previous guest interviews may be accessed through the website listed below.

Not even a year old, the show has received the number #1 talk show rating on Cumulus Radio. Good news spreads fast and in sync with the station, I Just Got My Hair Did appeared in the annual TSU Homecoming Parade. Their signage and high energy of all three talents onboard, took the route by storm and later center stage.

On Saturday October 29, at 8 pm, CDT, the three celebrity hosts will proudly and officially launch I Just Got My Hair Did to the public via an amazing masquerade style kickoff party. The event will be held at the trendy Aloft Hotel, Penthouse, located on Nashville’s West End area.

For more information, visit the official website at www.ijustgotmyhairdid.com.

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