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Renee Bobb workshops with AARP, Pathway WBC at 50+ program

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Workshop Instructor Renee Bobb Enterprise, Inc. and attendees of the AARP at ‘50 Plus Workshop for Your- self,’ with Pathway WBC.(photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Workshop Instructor Renee Bobb Enterprise, Inc. and attendees of the AARP at ‘50 Plus Workshop for Your-
self,’ with Pathway WBC. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Some of Nashville’s elderly and veteran population benefitted heavily from a recent workshop for the ‘50 plus’ population. Business maverick Renee Bobb (RBI Enterprises, Inc.) joined forces with the Pathway Women’s’ Business Center) (WBC) and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) at a ‘50+’ program. Statistics state that for a number of reasons, the over 50 population has returned to or extended their stay in the workforce. With our ever changing world, the digital divide and scams targeting the elderly, there is so much to learn and to be brought up to speed on.

Bobb, Pathway’s WBC President Amy Bunton, and Center Director Leslie Hayes each taught from the heart and found the group of attentive guests refreshing. There was no shortage of eagerness to learn or willingness to participate. It was not just superficial information either, because the questions were on point and Bobb once again has proven to be a sensational teacher and vested leader.

One of the focal points, which strongly contributed to the aforementioned success, was Bobb’s teaching style. The statuesque, skilled woman took the time to effectively answer all questions and encouraged audience interaction. Being a senior driven workshop, attendees were all over the age of 50 and each brought their own life lessons and skill set to the event.

Each attendee was given a well-rounded workbook from the AARP Foundation, which includes a myriad of resources right at the readers’ fingertips. In addition to those resources Bobb provided a few website and search options.

She mentioned how crucial it is for business owners to do their homework. As the evening continued with a smooth flow, the participants were asked to follow along in the workbook and to complete a nine-step action plan worksheet. After more final wrap up questions and answers, a self-paced homework assignment was given. Phone numbers was exchanged, deals were negotiated and it all wrapped up with group picture of the attending class and Renee Bobb.

Bobb is also a successful author who teaches all aspects of book publishing. She is hosting the next seminar online on Sunday, December 4 from 7-8:30 pm.

The goal is to help aspiring authors and business owners learn the step-by-step process on how to write market and publish a book.

The workshop title is ‘Publish Your Book Today: Master the 10 Step Process on How to Write, Market and Publish Your Book Fast.’

By the end of this training attendees will learn how to:
• Get published in 90-days or less
• Understand all aspects of the publishing industry
• Clearly understand the book publishing process
• Write a best selling book
• Create an effective marketing plan
• Manufacture and organize your book
• Use the free resources to help you publish your book
• Select the right editor, printer, publisher and book cover designer
• Publish and print 100 books for under $300
• Sell 100 books in less than 100 days
• Sell your book on Amazon.com and other on-line distributors
• Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to sell books
• Bonus training: how to publish and E-book
The goal of this training is to:
• Understand the book publishing process
• Write a great book
• Launch a book marketing campaign
• Tap into the many resources to help you launch your book
• Get your book on the market in 90-days or less
• To leave the workshop with a sample of your book

The RBI, Inc., AARP and Pathway WBC workshop took place in November at the Beech Creek Baptist Church, located in North Nashville. To find out where others will be held in the future, or the book-publishing seminar, see the contact information below. For more information about RBI, Enterprises, Inc, Pathways WBC or the AARP.org Foundation see the websites below.

E-mail Renee at bobbrenee@yahoo.com. Visit the following websites: www.BookPublishingLady.com; reneebobb.com; www.pathwaywbc.org; www.aarp.org.

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