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Metro Council delays, withdraws resolutions at Tuesday meeting

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Several resolutions were placed before the Metro Nashville City Council on Tuesday night, among them being seat belts on school buses, Metro Police traffic stop stats, anti-scalping measures, and the valuation of the planned National Museum of African American Music at the Nashville Convention Center.

Multiple resolutions have been delayed or withdrawn.

Gideon’s Army Resolution has been delayed until the first council meeting in March.

The Live Nation ticket scalping resolution has been withdrawn. Which means this specific resolution will not be discussed, but the conversation is not over.

Seat belt on new Metro school buses resolution was delayed.

The National Museum of African American Music resolution calling for an independent redevelopment and construction plans has been withdrawn.

Below is a breakdown of the resolutions.

Resolution RS2016-459
Called for the Metro Nashville Police Department to address claims of racial profiling made by a report issued by Gideon’s Army and Nashville community leaders. The report alleges MNPD traffic stop practices “impose a severe disparate or discriminatory impact on the predominantly black and low-income communities.”

The resolution requests MNPD to provide data and stats to provide context and dispute claims made in the report within 90 days of the resolution’s passage.

Resolution RS2016-382
Called on Live Nation Entertainment to combat scalpers and “ticket bot” software affecting the availability of tickets to Ascend Amphitheater events for consumers.

The resolution points out there have been no prosecutions against scalpers who have “victimized” Nashvillians and forced them to pay higher prices for tickets to events that sell out in minutes. The resolution calls on Live Nation Entertainment to establish limits on the number of tickets an individual can purchase, paperless ticketing which requires an ID and credit card, filing of criminal charges against offenders, purchase anti-scalping software, revoke tickets purchased outside of restrictions, and for the company to pursue action against scalpers.

The resolution is sponsored by Jim Shulman and Sharon Hurt.

Resolution RS2016-460
Called for an independent valuation of the proposed redevelopment and construction plans for the National Museum of African American Music at the former Nashville Convention Center.

The value of the space was originally estimated at $11 million and the resolution calls for an independent valuation to ensure the developer reimburses the city should the construction value of the space turn out to be less than the $11 million. The resolution calls for Mayor Megan Barry to request the independent assessment and make it public.

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