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JoAnn Scaife introduces ‘Give Praise’ campaign

by PRIDE Newsdesk

JoAnn Scaife

JoAnn Scaife

How does one describe JoAnn Scaife and the ‘Give Praise’ campaign? An initial meeting with the spiritually sound, business-minded lady could easily sum it up. She is a focused and strong woman of God who leads by example. It’s been said that those who attentively listen to her Christian/Gospel single ‘Give Praise’ and define the verses of the words sung, the descriptions became many.

The uplifting, beautiful song can be found at <www.reverbnation.com/joscaife9>.

Ministerial Consultant JoAnn Scaife is not just another pretty face that can candidly quote Bible verses. Her praise is for real and derived from real life experiences carving her into who she is today. But those facts are merely the icing on the proverbial cake. It’s the basis to a much larger picture. Scaife is the director/ collegiate ministerial consultant of the Restoration Corner Ministry. Her ‘Give Praise’ single includes some developing messages of the overall ‘Give Praise’ campaign.

To get a better understanding of this soon to be fully released and functional campaign, Scaife shared the purpose and functionality on a deeper level under the umbrella of ‘Messages of the Give Praise campaign,’ including:
• Taking the focus off the creation and placing it back on the creator
• We were born to praise God. In our praise to God we overcome some of the most difficult situations in life. We spring into who we really are when we praise Him. Why? God begins to reveal who we are when we give honor back to Him.
• It’s not about us. It is truly about the Father. The more we know Him, the more we know ourselves.
• When we begin to speak the scriptures, and live them out loud, we become more of what he has designed for our lives. Our purpose begins to come together and our destiny flings into place and on display.
• God takes pleasure in us praising and thanking Him. Even from the beginning he proclaimed praise himself after everything he had created, he said, “it was good,” especially the creation of man and woman.
• He deserves our praise, because if it were not for him, we would not be.
• Everything I am and everything I’m going to be is because of God as I truly honor him all the days of my life.
• Look at the world of creation and you will immediately begin to praise the Creator.
• God is the author and the finisher of all things

Scripture references used include: Psalms 75:9, 86:12, 95:1, 96:4, 104:33, 105, 106:1,109:30, 111:1, 118:21, 119:7, 119:71, 119:164.

JoAnn is a unique individual who appeals to people on all levels. Now keep in mind the ‘Give Praise’ campaign is not a one man (or a one woman) show at all. She and her team are on point to sign up new volunteers and others interested in being a part of the forthcoming 2017 launch. For additional information contact JoAnn Scaife at: Restoration Corner Ministry, 615-568-5390; <jo_scaife@yahoo.com>; <www.restorationsmagazine.com>; or <www.livingsingleinfaith.com>.

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