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2017 is going to be fantastic!

Beyond The Rhetoric
2017 is going to be fantastic!

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Harry C. Alford

Harry C. Alford

After a very tough 2016, we should all look forward to 2017. Last year’s economy was challenging. Here in Chevy Chase, Maryland, one of the wealthiest communities in the nation, high-end department stores closed their doors in mass. Families, even the rich ones, cut back on spending. They have no faith in our future economy. However, that is going to change this year. The stock market is still carrying the surprising ‘Trump Bump’ and will soon soar over the 20,000 mark. In contrast to 2016, investors will soon have a new confidence. That means happier days ahead. Those shuttered stores will reopen under new banners and new surge in spending will drive employment levels up.

Politics in 2016 was downright ugly. The worst I have seen in my life. But in November, it came to a head and burst. We are now picking up the pieces and a new atmosphere is forming throughout the nation. Foreign plants are moving back to the United States bringing thousands of new, good paying jobs. The job market is active, especially, with all the political positions opening due to the change in administration.

Foreign affairs have been a little shaky. For the first time in history, our current Secretary of State lambasted our closest ally, Israel, in a formal meeting at the United Nations and the White House agreed with him. This betrayal is very shocking. However, our incoming President-elect Donald Trump publicly stated to Israel to “stay strong,” as he will be sworn in on January 20, ushering in a better relationship with that country. Enemies of Israel beware!

For the first time in modern history, our Navy does not have one aircraft carrier out to sea. This is significant. Morale is slipping and that is a scary state of affairs. It is critical that our military returns to its previous position. If a nation like ours is not prepared for war and its leadership is unmotivated then war is certainly what we will get. It appears that Congress is going to renew its commitment to our military via more funding and recruitment. The sooner this is done, the better America will be.

The public is becoming increasingly optimistic. I could tell from most people this season saying ‘Merry Christmas’ as opposed to ‘Happy Holidays.’ It is so nice to hear—people proud of their religion as opposed to being politically correct. If you love Christ, shout it out.

Once again jobs are available big time in the federal government workplace. This happens every four to eight years as the new administration pushes out the political hires from the previous administration and fills those positions with their new crew. This is no secret. If any of you want to look or try it, go on the Internet, and apply for a good paying government job with 30 days sick leave and 30 days vacation—that’s 60 days off with pay! You can apply for a ‘non-career’ position with the Trump Administration online at .

These jobs aren’t just in Washington, D.C. Every city has a noticeable amount of federal jobs. Many of the new bosses will be looking for Republicans. There aren’t too many Black Republicans and that could be a good thing. For Blacks, that means there is a shorter ‘line.’ Opportunities will be exponentially greater. There are nearly a dozen regions in the federal government structure (depending on the agency or department). Within each region are various district offices located throughout the nation. Zero in on the district you want to apply for work. Indicate that on your resume or the online application. These job opportunities will fill up within the next three to five months. Get busy.

Section 3 of the HUD Act has been in existence since 1968. This is a job-training program for residents of public housing or people living under the poverty level. It is the best job training program the federal government has put on the ‘books.’ However, no administration has ever implemented it. Something tells me that this administration will be the first one to implement this law. Google ‘Section 3 of the HUD Act’ and learn about this. Any project with HUD funding is supposed to follow this program. They aren’t now, but that is about to change.

Yes indeed, the times are changing for the better. Those who believe should go for it and enjoy this new ride. This year is going to be the best year for those who believe it.

(Mr. Alford is the co-founder, president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Website: <www.nationalbcc.org>; e-mail: <halford@nationalbcc.org>.)

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