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Cervical cancer survivor pens new book

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Navita Gunter Founder/CEO CCCT of Tennesee and Author.

Navita Gunter Founder/CEO CCCT of Tennesee and Author.

Many people turn their life experiences into a positive, productive and even humorous teaching mechanism. Navita Gunter is no different, she took her real life experiences and escape from the jaws of cervical cancer, segued them into words and created The Day My Vagina Tried to Kill Me. Gunter’s humorous way of telling a story will entertain many.

When Navita Gunter was stricken with cervical cancer several years ago, she found very little compassion and help. At that time, Navita made a vow to not ever let that happen to another woman again. Navita volunteers on several cancer-related committees in efforts to do all possible to raise awareness and aide others in defeating the insatiable beast of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer, like most forms of cancer, can be overlooked and sadly enough may be discovered way too late to reverser the damages. However that does not have to be the case with cervical or any form of cancer that may hit below the belt. Early detection is more than a buzz line for a public service announcement or a media commercial.

Living in the age of 21st century medical practices certainly helps to save lives. Along with early detection testing, knowing what test and examinations to ask for can literally mean the difference between life and death. The cutting edge, informative book The Day My Vagina Tried to Kill Me promises to be a page-turner once it is released later this year. (Gunter will keep us posted).

Until then Navita continues her daily gratitude walk with God, thanking him for allowing her to live and be an example of a successful survivorship. As a survivor and founder/president of the Cervical Cancer Coalition of Tennessee as well as her participation in other cancer and health related organizations, Gunter knows how important is it to utilize resources and become more proactive as opposed to post-active or worse.

Some of those resources include: 1) your own primary care physician; 2) an OB/GYN physician; 3) The American Cancer Society ; the 4) Tennessee Breast and Cervical  Cancer program at Lentz Public Health Department: and 5) of course, the CCCT ; and last for now, an overall resource that many may overlook—simply dial 211 or .

In addition to an onslaught of invaluable literature, there are volunteers and professionals available to assist.

“No doubt the forthcoming book is going to do more than show one woman’s walk in becoming a survivor. Possibly it will add some laughter. It is projected to be a much needed, understandable resource for victims of cervical cancer and their loved ones,” said Gunter.

For more information, contact: CCCT of Tennessee at 615-485-5069 or visit <cervicalcancercoalitiontn.org>.

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