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Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce build new collaborations

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce members and guests pose for photo at February meeting. (photo by D. Culp

Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce members and guests pose for photo at February meeting. (photo by D. Culp

The February Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber of Commerce (BNNCC) meeting took place at the Bordeaux Northwest YMCA with an on-time, organized agenda.

The meeting honored Black History Month 2017 and built new collaborations for North Nashville. February marked the organizations first bi-monthly awareness and membership meeting of this year.

To combine the myriad of people and resources available, the meeting shared new information with the attendees, accompanied by a tasty box lunch provided by Campus RX. If the pot could be sweetened even more, Sam’s Club provided guests with a variety of large, mouth-watering cookies.

The day kicked off with a hearty welcome and prayer by Judge Rachel L. Bell, followed by important Bordeaux North Nashville Chamber updates. The first collaboration ensued with Cindy Riverea, Collective Hands on Nashville (HON) volunteerism coordinator, discussing how HON Collective Volunteerism (CV) is a unified approach to meeting various needs in Nashville neighborhoods through community service and volunteerism.

CV collaborates with non-profit organizations, businesses, government, agencies and residents to strategically impact issue areas with qualified volunteers. This partnership will further diversify with BNNCC and the North Nashville area. HON and BNNCC have joined forces to create the North Nashville Collective Volunteerism Project.

Campus RX and team was not only on hand to answer any questions about their partnership collaboration with BNNCC, but a light was shown on the future of healthcare and some of the invaluable options available to serve, celebrate and enhance the organization’s overall goals.

Dr. Dorsha James, and Campus RX co-founders Corey Carney and Donn Beam gave an enlightening, informative presentation to the attentive audience. When asked why Campus RX will make a difference with their brand of quality medical services within our city and the nations’ struggling healthcare matters, the responses were key.

Co-founder Corey Carney said: “You will see Telehealth growing as a national trend more and more. Technology has made it possible to diagnose and to treat some of the minor ailments, which we all deal with rather than making an office appointment or traveling to the emergency room—not to mention the numerous costs being cut as a result of patients using Telehealth.

Dr. Dorsha is a highly qualified physician with extensive knowledge of the ever-changing health care industry. When asked about Campus RX and the vast future of Telehealth she said: “As an Emergency Room (ER) physician I have seen a drastic number of patients presenting to the hospitals for minor illnesses. ER visits are very costly and with a lot of the higher deductible plans out there, they can be stuck with huge medical bills. Telemedicine, such as companies like Campus RX can save patients time and more importantly, money, especially when non emergent conditions arise.”

Frederick D. Kilpatrick spoke about Chamber memberships, the bi-monthly calendar reminder and the importance of joining the growing membership for BNNCC.

Support combined with vision and the hard work and time invested this month on the collaborative partnership additions took center stage. Judge Bell, the BNNCC Board, Sam’s Club HON and Campus RX seamlessly worked in unison.

Leadership Bordeaux’s next class application deadline is April 1, and the announcement for individual, agency or corporate membership remains open year round. Black History Month just added to the organization’s fruitful endeavors. For more information, or an application for BNCC Leadership, contact by e-mail <bordeauxnorthchamberofcommerce@gmail.com> or their website <bordeauxnorthchamber.com>.

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