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Traci Augustine, new age R&B singer revealed

by PRIDE Newsdesk


Traci Augustine

Over the centuries the face of music as we all know it has changed.

Artists come and artists go; be they or young old and can stem from various walks of life. New on the scene but one to definitely keep an eye out for is young Rhythm and Blues oriented artist, Traci Augustine. He hails from Clarksville, Tennessee and has travelled extensively and is wise beyond his twenty-something years indeed.

September 2018, will mark one year of service to the music industry and simply put, ‘singing is what he loves to do!’

He stated that “back when I was four years old, I remember being in Chicago, IL down at the Navy Pier entertaining the crowds. I’d perform for the ladies. As the years rolled by, I even won various pageants and talent shows.”

When asked what his music range and mentor influences were, he said that above his own ambition of being self motivated from the get go, he’d have to give props to a few other industry greats. Such as: ‘R. Kelly’, ‘Montell Jordan’ and maybe even ‘Babyface.’

A few other quick factoids about artist Traci Augustine include:
Range: Tenor but can run base to Falsetto

Passions: What he writes and speaks to others about much as heart break, temptation and other life measures.

Overcame: Emotional pain, rough times and having to step up to the proverbial plate to care for family members. Even then, Traci utilized his gifts and talents to get through it all.

Focuses: all of his time on the music industry: Creating, Singing.

Michael Jackson had a big impact, changing the world through music.

Charitable events. Children, he loves children. MJ’s Philanthropic nature. Giving spirit.

Where he wants to be in 2 years: Grammy nominated.

Where he wants to be in 5 years: Multi platinum sales artist and having won a Grammy or two.
Other desires: Film industry: Sound track and acting.

A memorable and unique moment: When he stopped to sing a Donell Jones song (American Artist) to a fan seeking grocery clerk in Kroger’s. She was grateful, shocked and hocked amazed at his on the spot skill set. He has always been a big brother figure, helping people, just being there for people. Traci Augustine is a secular artist but still a staunch man of God. When asked what was his favorite bible scripture he supplied one that obviously has hit his spirit close to home.

Bible Quote:
Mark Chapter 6 vs. 4: then Jesus told them a profit is honored everywhere except in his own hometown, and among his relatives.

It strengthens him because he has found it to ring true in his own hometown. Venture out to obtain the support needed, elsewhere.

Black History Months means a lot to him, so much going on in the world. It seems to bring out the best in Black people. Many paved the way for people like him to continue striving to do better and make it.

One year old son: Advice to your one year old son: He can do whatever he sets his mind too. Traci wrapped up the interview with more words of wisdom. “Young people live and learn with gratitude by example”

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