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Denotra Sneed launches new Gospel music

by PRIDE Newsdesk


Denotra Sneed

Denotra Sneed a is seasoned gospel artist who has been singing God’s praises since the age of five.

As a proud member of the ‘Born Again Church and Christian Outreach Ministries,’ Denotra and her team will launch her new music in conjunction with the Sunday morning services at the church. The dynamic and long awaited titled CD Denotra pays homage to all facets of God’s work, including the title track ‘Jehovah,’ widely used in the Old Testament as the name of God.

When asked why she chose the Gospel music genre over secular music and why this particular time frame was chosen, her response was heartfelt and moving.

“Now is the time to release the new music because it is my season,” Sneed said. “He trusts me to do more, in carrying his word through song. God’s powerful timing is always right. Not man’s time, but God’s time is what I align and govern according myself to.”

To this day, Denotra Sharpe Sneed takes praise and worship to another realm as a leader and vocalist. Changing the atmosphere, ushering in the presence of God and transforming the hearts of all those who listen is her desire when she sings. Even at the sweet age of five, she was determined to sing regardless of who her audience was—right down to family and friends on her front porch. Her parents had a large front porch and a fenced in yard, and Denotra used the porch as her stage and often sang through the fence to anyone passing by.

Unsuspecting passersby stopped to listen to the little girl with the big voice and were delighted. As time moved on, she continued to sharpen and hone her beautiful voice whenever time and opportunity permitted.

Once Denotra’s grandmother realized that she had an incredible singing gift, she encouraged Denotra to get involved in the Youth Choir at Cleveland Street Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville.

Over the years, Denotra continued to share her voice nationwide and beyond with a bevy of new and noted Gospel music artists, including: James Cleveland, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Daryl Coley, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar and Donald Lawrence.

She sang secular music at school talent shows, but always ended up back in Gospel music.

“Gospel music has been uplifting to me as long as I can remember. It is indeed a gift to encourage, heal and uplift His people. It’s a powerful source that brings healing and deliverance from anything to anyone,” said the vested songbird.

So far Denotra has travelled to Japan, the Bahamas and throughout the United States with the ‘Dr. Bobby Jones Nashville Super Choir.’ Family is important to her and although she and her husband (Charles Sneed of 15 years) do not have children of their own, they love them. Mentoring youth in and out of her church continues to make up the tapestry of who she is. After God, family is of the utmost importance for Denotra. She precedes her late brother James Elliot Woods and spends time with her younger sister Sharill Jones and her three children when time permits.

All are welcome to the March 26 service and CD launch, and the event is free of charge. ‘Born Again Church and Christian Outreach Ministries’ (Bishop Horace and lady Kiwannis Hockett) is located at 858 West Trinity Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 37207. Call (615) 228-9217.

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