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Tina R. Williams – individual trendsetter corners the market

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Tina R. Williams

Tina R. Williams

In addition to being the vice president/chief operations officer at Trendsetters to Trendsetters magazine, vice president/chief operations officer at Latino Trendsetters magazine, the CEO/founder at Posh Entertainment Brand management firm, Tina R. Williams is a Louisiana native, a life coach and staunch humanitarian. She is one that literally cares about mankind and does whatever is in her immediate power to make a variable difference in the world, one life at a time. Trendsetter to Trendsetter (T2T) Media Group is 10 years old and owned by T2T Group, founder/publisher/CEO Willie Stewart.

Williams has been instrumental and highly effective in the direction of the two publications and continues to do so in addition to her other obligations. This dynamic woman of God gives a whole new meaning and reasoning to the term ‘busy schedule.’ She embodies just a couple of characteristics and strong traits of a successful, focused 21st century woman.

“Posh Entertainment [Posh Ent’] is an all-inclusive visual brand management firm, providing a plethora of entertainment solutions” Williams told a recent social media forum. “Posh Brand Management Firm has a proven client track record regarding the execution of our clients’ management and branding objectives. In Posh Ent’, we build relationships; educate, strategize, inspire and provide elite professional client services. Posh Ent’ is a nationally known hub specializing in fashion, entertainment, media, and business operations.”

When asked how T2T and Posh Entertainment fits in with today’s society, helps others and where her role will lead her in two to five years, the mover and shaker replied: “Trendsetters to Trendsetters is a positive and informative magazine publication. We bring awareness to Brands Nationwide, the unsung heroes making a difference within their local communities. We all have a story. We are the voice, and we speak life into dead situations, and in the midst of the story being told it saves lives. Stories from fear to triumph, those stories give life to others. It tells of how they endured the struggle that help to shape their journey and develop their inner strength. Posh Entertainment Brand management firm is an all inclusive boutique firm specializing in visual branding. It’s our mission to bring out the inter mogul within our clients. In two to five years we will expand our brands by cross branding into radio and television”

It’s hard to envision Tina not working and resting at any given time—a fact easily derived by anyone spending time on social media and seeing her ongoing, productive postings. It’s equally as hard to single her out (even during Women’s History Month) because she always includes phrases such as ‘we,’ ‘us’ and ‘the team.’ These are monumentally great skills and traits for any unselfish, ‘team player’ indeed.

When rare birds such as rest, relaxation and favorite foods are captured by Williams, she says they are blessed opportunities, few and far between.

“My hobbies include: reading and writing,” she said, “and I love listening to smooth Jazz and inspirational Gospel. I’m a servant—humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. My favorite food is seafood and my key passion is the elevation of others and the growth and elevation of others. I also love to see other hearts smile.”
For further information, visit www.facebook.com/poshbrandmanagement

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