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Planned Parenthood saves lives

Letter to the editor
Planned Parenthood saves lives

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dear Nashville Pride,
I am one of the 2.4 million patients who comes to Planned Parenthood every year for services. No, I did not use Planned Parenthood for what you might be thinking (although FYI abortions are not funded through federal dollars). I have used this space for cancer screenings, birth control and HIV/STD testing for many years.

I am a young, broke graduate student who does not have much access to healthcare, so Planned Parenthood is the way I stay safe and healthy. And

I am not alone. Shutting down Planned Parenthood would cause myself and 13 million other women to loose coverage through these essential heath benefits. Forget the stigma and look at the facts– Planned Parenthood saves lives and protects women. Do not pass a bill that is the worst thing to happen to women in this generation. Do not deny reasonable coverage for women in this country.


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