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Mentoring makes a big difference

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

There are numerous factors that affect the psychological and mental outcome of a young child’s development into adulthood.Whether the child becomes a productive individual contributing their talents and gifts to enhance humanity or a harden criminal presenting a drain on society, depends on various experiences and opportunities made available.

We all know social, economic, and educational advantages are factors that contribute to successful and well-adjusted adults, but the playing field is far from equal. The reality is that a child has no choice in picking their parents who should be the most important contributors in providing corrective and positive direction and guidance in the child’s life.

Sometimes it is up to those outside the home to provide the guidance and support that a child may be lacking or missing at home.

A parent or caretaker’s financial status, educational experience, spiritual values and morality as well as expectations for the child, play a significant role that can determine the success of future adults. Often children who are from economical disadvantage homes, homes that don’t value education, or that have a parent or parents with poor parenting skills are at risk of not realizing their full potential.

Lack of exposure and various nurturing opportunities may set many young children up to gravitate to negative alternatives such as drugs, gangs, and criminal activities. Mentoring young children may possibly be one of the best factors to correct the ills so prevalent in so many young children’s lives. Personally taking a child under one’s wings and building a lasting relationship, offering your professional experience, guidance, and direction is nothing short of a plus. Children need the aid of experienced professionals in their apprenticeship to become productive individuals. They need to feel valued, loved and given positive affirmation in their quest to reach their personal and professional objectives.

Mentoring is a much needed ministry , not just for children ,but a rewarding experience where mentors get just as much satisfaction from the relationship as the mentored. Offering help in areas where young children are deficient , building their self-esteem, and just manifesting positive examples for one to follow is a monumental accomplishment in changing or molding lives. There should be no excuses for offering positive influences to insure the positive and productive success of our children , our future.

Kudos to the various organizations- fraternities, sororities, coaches, church groups, and social clubs already vested in providing mentoring programs in schools, churches, boys and girls clubs and organized sports venues. Their support and participation is appreciated and valuable, but there are so many key stake holders in the community who can join in the mission, offering their professional skills, knowledge, and encouragement to make a difference in promoting the professional and personal development of our children as they transition into adults.

There is no excuse for so many children lacking the educational , social, and productive skills to become viable productive professionals in their areas of interest with such a large pool of accessible help in our communities. It is up to those in the community with the professional skills, experience, and knowledge to help overcome inadequacies in our youth, hampered by lack of support or societal constraints.

Don’t vacillate when you have the experience and professional skills to be the conduit to enhance the professional and personal growth of our youth during their transition into adulthood. If you don’t do your part to make a difference, in contributing to the professional development of our youth, don’t be so quick to complain about the downward spiral of so many of our youth lost during this crucial transition. Be mindful that mentoring should be a lasting committed relationship made better with ongoing communication. Our children are our investment for the future.

Let’s make sure we get the best yield from our investment.

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