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David Prince “Black and Blue Prayers from Nashville” music video premiere

by PRIDE Newsdesk

David Prince

David Prince

Rapper, singer and songwriter David Prince has released his brand new music video for “Black and Blue Prayers from Nashville” the forthcoming single from his album “Confessions of an Ex-Failure.” You can view the video now on his YouTube page by just searching his name.

This song was inspired by the heartbreak felt after the many recent deaths of black men by the police and the aftermath of it. Prince wrote the lyrics to the song a year around the time where Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both shot and killed.

“I remember that day. It was just a day of reflecting and mourning. It just seemed like the world was going crazy! Black men were continuously getting shot and killed by the police and at the time, five police officers in Dallas, TX were shot and killed at a protest too,” said Prince.

He knew he had to do something…he couldn’t sit back and watch innocent lives be taken so he did what he does best, wrote a song.

The video has a Michael Jackson-“We are the World” feel as it features many different artists all from Nashville. The video also features compelling protest scenes from Memphis, Tennessee and remarkable views of the city of Nashville.

Prince said this music video was one of the most difficult songs that he ever had to put together because there are so many features.

“Trying to get schedules to align was exhausting,” he said, “my original plan was to release the song as soon as possible, but here we are a year later.”

The powerful almost 5 minute music video include: Adige, Chance Cold, Jerrold Edwards, singer Loretta Constant, Mr. Shouty, Cecil Raw, Nate Bean 4G and others. The video was shot and directed by Aaron Williams who also directed Prince’s prior video “Something More” featuring Lil Bre. It was important to Prince to have all his Nashville artists friends team up with him for the vital video. Says Prince: “I think he did a great job! There was so much work to do because there were so many features. I believe he gave a great, accurate representation of the song.”

“At the end of the day, I want everyone to be safe,” Prince continued, “my prayer is that ‘Black and Blue Prayers from Nashville’ will be the catalyst for healing, love, peace, and justice in our country and in our world. I still believe in us. I still have hope. I always will.”

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