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Solar Eclipse Celebration Delivers Message of Hope for Organizers and Attendees

Love & Unity Under One Sun
Solar Eclipse Celebration Delivers Message of Hope for Organizers and Attendees

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Organizers sensed from the very beginning that there was a deeper message combined with uniting in observance of the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Tennessee Activist Coalition, Nashville Peace & Justice, New Earth Matters TN and other partner organizations have been involved in peaceful opposition to unjust policies and practices—some for decades, others more recently. All agreed this event signaled a respite from protest.
“We recognized this as a sign from the Universe,” said Kat Hitchcock, TAC organizer, “After totality the sun will ‘rise’ again. We understood this as our opportunity to usher in hope and declare our collective intention for a brighter day, a brighter future for all of us. It is particularly important now that this message comes from the south.”

This past spring as members began conceptualizing the event, the conversation settled on peace, love and justice. “Yet again, our country has been devastated by the actions of senseless hate in Charlottesville,” said Jim Wohlgemuth, Veterans for Peace/Middle Tennessee. “This is our chance to recalibrate socially, spiritually and politically. The time is now.”
Some of Tennessee’s most distinctive performing artists will grace the stage along with distinguished community speakers lifting up the message of inclusion and equality. Our entire country is enriched by an amalgamation of myriad cultures, races and religions. Tennessee is no different. One sun, the same sun, shines down on everyone inclusive of all and alienating to none.
Founder of Metropolitan Interdenominational Church and Senior Servant, Edwin Sanders knows all about inclusion. His church began serving persons suffering from HIV/AIDS in 1984. One of the event speakers, Sanders opined, “Light is perhaps the most consistent symbol of divine presence throughout faith traditions globally. So as we continue our journey to find common ground; it is evidence of our universal Higher Power’s affirmation of the new day of peace and harmony on the horizon.”
The Love and Unity Under One Sun event kicks off at 10AM in Hadley Park. For updates on performers, speakers, and vendors go to the Tennessee Activist Coalition Eclipse website at:  www.tnactivists.com

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