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What’s the big deal? Let the players protest!

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Jomilla Newsom

Jomilla Newsom

The whole nation is talking about kneeling, the flag and the anthem. That’s all fine and dandy but we cannot let the real message and point of it all to get lost in the political sauce.

Earlier this week I saw a Facebook friend post that he was no longer going to watch the NFL because of all the political protest going on.

“Well it’s going to be hard but I’m done watching the NFL, it’s your right to protest and it’s my right to not watch, or agree with you,” he said.

“Sheesh” I thought. So sorry that the players protesting injustice and police brutality is something you don’t “agree” with. Is that because you don’t care or because it’s just not as important to you as your precious football game.

What people fail to realize is that the cause for kneeling is bigger than the players, bigger than the anthem, bigger than the flag and even bigger than football. It has nothing to do with any of that stuff. We as Black Americans just want justice and equality for all…that’s it. And according to the Constitution that is something that we are supposed to have already which is the reason we don’t mind kneeling during an national anthem that is not living up to it’s lyrics.

People in this nation cannot get past a symbol (the flag) to see the reality (the injustice) and quite frankly that is just sad.

It’s not about the song and it’s not meant to disrespect the many men and women who have fought for this country. If people would stop focusing on a piece of fabric and start focusing on what that piece of fabric is supposed to represent, then all of the protesting would make sense.

The message is clear and has been since Colin Kaepernick started this protest. People are calling America out on its bullshit and the “patriotic” people can’t handle it. And that was exactly what I had to say to his post.

The author of the Facebook post, who will remain nameless, continued to argue that these players really don’t care about the black men and women getting killed by cops. He cited a video where a Black man was on Fox News saying that these players were too rich and privileged to even care about the social injustice.

When he posted the video I almost didn’t watch because I already knew it would be completely biased to the right side (I mean come on it’s Fox News) but in the name of debate I reluctantly watched anyway.

A Fox news contributor, Kevin Jackson had a lot to say about the athletes who he mockingly called “social justice warriors.”

Jackson claimed that these athletes are not kneeling cause they care and are being social justice warriors for “all the wrong reasons.” Reasons he never mentioned again in the entire video by the way because there are no “wrong” reasons to protest social injustice.

He said thy needed to stand for the flag and what it means. He then went on to mention a rebuttal that most White people bring up whenever we start discussing police brutality… black on black crime.

True there is a lot of black on black crime and people in our community talk about that a lot contrary to popular belief, but the point is police officers shouldn’t be killing Black people at the rates that they are. It makes no sense and there is no justification in the world for it.

And I have news for Mr. Jackson who said these athletes can’t care because they don’t endure these social injustices on a day to day…they care and they might care more than you. I believe those players kneeling are patriotic too! They care so much about the cause that they are willing to lose endorsements and possibly their jobs (if it was up to Trump).

People forget that when these athletes go home, they are regular citizens just like the rest of us. They also forget that these athletes might be paid now but they weren’t always wealthy and in the spotlight. We don’t know what these athletes experienced before they got rich and famous so for Jackson to say they don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against is a very ignorant statement.

They see injustice happening and instead of sitting back and being quiet about it because it may not directly affect them, they are using their platform to take a stand.

They are doing it legally and rightfully so according to the First Amendment so there shouldn’t be a problem, at all.

I don’t understand how people are getting mad about it and I certainly don’t understand a President asking us to be patriotic in a time that we have little to nothing to be patriotic about.

I wish the media ad everyone else would stop talking about kneeling, flags, the anthem and whatever else and start talking about what we can do to make this country fair for all.

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