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Darrell E. “Gandhi” Gilbert exhibition at TSU Library for Homecoming

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The Show by Darrell E Gilbert

The Show by Darrell E Gilbert

Tennessee State University is planning a spectacular 2017 Homecoming that includes a stellar group of honorees, grand marshals and alumni star power. This year’s Homecoming theme is “The Road to Greatness Begins with Excellence.” TSU’s Homecoming runs Oct. 8 through 14, culminating with the football matchup between the Tigers and Austin Peay at Nissan Stadium. Among the alumni stars coming home this season is a great artist whose excellent works are on display in the Library on the Main Campus through the month of October.

Darrell E Gilbert

Darrell E Gilbert

“My subject matter spans anything and everything, whether it is abstract art, portraits, murals, automotive art, sculpture or furniture art,” says Darrell E. Gilbert. “I use traditional painting materials as well as the airbrush. I paint what I feel and I feel what I paint. After I accept a project, I research the subject extensively until I feel comfortable with it. Each creation is it’s own entity and consumes me until it is complete.”

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Gilbert has excelled in his field of Art and Designs. Darrell left Chicago to attend Tennessee State University upon receiving an art scholarship, specializing in charcoal and pastels. He was born to be an artist, skillful with an eye for details and perfection to his craft.

Two years after arriving in Nashville, Gilbert picked up his first airbrush and perfected the art. During his days at TSU, Darrell was an extremely popular member of the Aristocrat of Bands known affectionately as “Gandhi” and his airbrush work adorned t-shirts and jeans for many members of the band and others.

After college, Darrell sorted through many offers, and elected to move to Atlanta, Georgia, where he begun drawing medical illustration for Medical Vision, then one of the leaders in the medical illustration field and one of the top art developers in the southern U.S.

Gilbert was hired by Cavanagh Group International, where he was tasked to design a series of figurines for Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson and Hasbro, to name a few. Gilbert was commissioned by Coca-Cola to design a set of figurines in his own style and design concept titled Ebon Memories by Darrell Gilbert. This exceptional series of works of art featured twelve figurines sold exclusively through Cavanagh and the Coca-Cola Company.

With the success of the series, his works became well known and his designs caught the attention of many art recruiters and art directors across the country. Gilbert was commissioned by Dream Works for a special project feature. “The Prince of Egypt” was a one of a kind unique collection consisting of twenty-four figurines depicting the more memorable moments from the legendary movie.

With such exposures of his talents and natural ability, Designs by Gilbert now became an established and a must-have product. He became revered by many art lovers, sought out for portraits and graphic art designs, and leading to numerous high end commissions.

Mr. Gilbert’s artistic works of art have been acquired by an extensive list of clients, including celebrities, organizations and businesses. This extraordinarily gifted and artistic creator has generated a legacy of satisfied clients with inspiring testimonials for his portraits, designs, murals, art, automotive art, medical art, illustration, logos, print and media, sports art, cartoons, book covers, graphics, creative art, paintings, air brush and custom art designs for clothing and accessories.

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