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The Sporting Life: Nashville Knights LFL Edition

by Cass Teague

The Sporting Life column, which I began in 1999, is all about the fun things that abound in the general area of sports and leisure. Athletic competition has always been a big part of it, though not all of it, as it also encompasses the arts, music, and so forth. I like to share my enthusiasm for interesting events and activities with my readers.

A few years ago, when I was profiled for NATIVE magazine’s February 2014 issue, I was quoted as saying, “My dream job would be the beat writer for Nashville’s Lingerie Football League team, but that doesn’t exist.” And there wasn’t one then, but there is one upside to Nashville’s growth — we are finally getting such a team!

Legends Football League (LFL) and Music City officials are welcoming the Nashville Knights, set to kickoff at Nashville Municipal Auditorium April 2018. Not only is history being made by the LFL’s debut in Nashville, The Knights will be coached by the LFL’s first-ever female coach, Danika Brace, herself a prominent former LFL athlete.

Legends Football League is the name for the sports organization once known as the Lingerie Football League. It began play in 2009, and early on broadcast games live on MTV2. Now the eight teams in LFLUS can be seen playing real contact American football on You Tube. It most closely resembles Arena Football, so think Nashville Cats (remember them?), ’cause these ladies are definitely nobody’s kittens! They play hard-nosed real full-on hard-hitting tackle football.
“Being Nashville based and already part of the Tennessee Titans family, I understand passion that Tennesseans have for football,” said Danika Brace, Nashville Knights head coach. “Having also played the LFL game, it provides me a unique perspective. I am truly honored to be the sport’s first-ever female head coach, and even more so, in bringing Knights Football to Music City.”

Nashville Municipal Auditorium will host the two home dates, with the home opener on Saturday, April 21, 2018 against the Austin Acoustic and the home finale on Saturday, June 23, 2018 against the Omaha Heart. Tickets will go on sale December 12, 2017.

“The LFL, since premiering in 2009, has produced over 280 games at NBA, NHL and MLS arenas in the United States as well as major soccer and rugby stadiums all over the world, drawing as many as 22,400 spectators. We believe Nashville will instantly embrace LFL Football and the Nashville Knights, with Nashville Auditorium providing fans the ultimate pre-game and in-game experience,” said Bob Skoney, General Manager, Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Open Tryouts for the Nashville Knights will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at the International Indoor Sports Complex, located at 2310 Antioch Pike in Antioch, TN 37013. Registration starts at 12 Noon and the Open Tryout kicks off at 1 pm and runs until 3 pm. Wear athletic attire and be sure to pre-register at the Legends Football League website first. See you there, and/or at the games!

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