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It’s All About Love: An author’s guide to a healthy relationship

by PRIDE Newsdesk

It’s All About Love author Tiffany L. Wade. (photo by Lowbar Publishing Co.)

It’s All About Love author Tiffany L. Wade.  (photo by Lowbar Publishing Co.)

“It may sound strange but the reality is not everyone has experienced a healthy, meaningful relationship,” said talented author Tiffany Wade who has recently launched her new book It’s All About Love in Relationships: A Guide for Single People Preparing for the Right Mate.

The book’s thought provoking content stems from a Christian prospective, but it can be followed and worked through by anyone desiring to have a healthy relationship.

“Relationships have been around since the beginning of time,” said Wade. “When God created Adam and saw that Adam was alone, He created Eve to be his helpmate. This book was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the advice given is for single people who are looking to get married one day.

“Marriage is a gift from God, and a very precious covenant. God created marriage for His glory, and He wants us to keep Him first, even in our marriages. Those seeking to get married need to know that lust, adultery, and pride are huge downfalls in marriage. I believe that what you cannot control in your life as a single person will become a pattern in your married life—so if lust and engaging in sex with multiple people are things that control you, then now is the time to change it while you are single.”

This book shares reachable components to help couples to navigate this world, and to be better prepared for dating and marriage. She hopes that her readers will change the way they look at life and change their way of thinking about relationships as a whole. It can start with us being more mindful of the people we attract and entertain. Relationships can be the most important part of life and everyone has a chance to experience them

Tiffany L. Wade was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. The daughter of Drs. Louis and Betty Wade, she is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, with a Master’s degree in ‘professional studies,’ and a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

She has produced radio shows on remotes for Cumulus Media for more than seven years; has been interviewed on Extra Entertainment News (while in college); and worked in production with Nashville’s Channel 5 WTVF Talk of the Town in 2010 as an intern.

Wade has been blessed to experience both sides of the entertainment industry. In addition to her entertainment career, she founded and developed a Summer Youth program for Youth ages 13-18, ‘Building Youth Partnerships,’ in 2012.

She continues to serve as the CEO/director of the program and, has added a Youth Speak Out tour started in 2015 in Nashville. Her goal is to empower and speak to youth around the world.

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