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Death of decency

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is a sad state of affairs in this country when it seems all our redemptive qualities have been compromised. No rationalizing or justification can be used to explain how we seem to have compromised all redeemable worth when subscribing to political and economic gain—at least for a segment of our society.

There is no pointing of fingers, because we are all guilty—some more than others. We have allowed the forces of hate, greed and racism to run amuck, abandoning anything remotely associated with our moral and spiritual values. This didn’t happen overnight. Those who claim to be guided by a moral compass acquiesced and literally allowed the demonic forces of acquisition, greed and racism to have their way.

Under the guise of loyalty to political parties, we have thrown all caution to the wind and opened up a Pandora’s box leading us further and further down the road to social and political chaos. The mere fact that we elected a president devoid of basic redeeming human qualities should say a lot about who we have become as a people. Looking the other way, ignoring lies, accepting attempts to polarize this country, exhibiting basic contempt for people of different ethnic groups, as well as misogynistic comments wasn’t enough to deter the election of Donald Trump as the president of these United States of America.

We continue to entertain this phenomenon that has made us the laughing stock of the world and belittles our credibility as a nation.

The president seems to daily manifest actions that should make even one of his avid supporters wary and to question his ability to lead this country. But loyalty to a political party has made so many blind to what is just and right. Therefore we all lose out. Why can’t our reactions be about doing what is ethically and morally right and in the best interests of struggling and hard working American citizens?

Decency and morality have been put to rest, or their significance has been devalued. How can we as a nation in good faith attempt to train and lead our children to ascribe to high moral and redeeming values when we ourselves have faltered to the point of overlooking these qualities in elected officials? Don’t fool yourself into thinking our children don’t see the epitome of hypocrisy being manifested by their parents. We are not being the example we are asking our children to display. Decency has died and come to pass. I don’t know if it can be revived.

Regardless of whether an elected official is a Republican, Democrat, Independent or etc., morality and decency should be their main goals. If I am correct, I thought sexual harassment was a vile, despicable and criminal violation against a person—warranting removal from an elected position and criminal persecution if found guilty.

Maybe as a society, we should look at the viability of political parties and question their allegiance to that party which in many cases keeps them from working for what is in the best interests of the greater good of the people. Many of the laws enacted should not be based on partisan loyalty.

They should be voted on individually by elected officials based on what they feel is morally and unequivocally right in the best interests of the public that elected them—not esoteric and self-serving groups.

We have created and entertain an atmosphere where perpetrators of heinous white-collar crimes and blatant indignities toward others can carry on with the support of many of their peers or allies. Perhaps the saddest part of these scenarios is that in many cases alleged and guilty perpetrators continue to carry on with their prestigious positions even when it’s been proven they have a history of hidden violations settled out of court with sealed documents with information prohibited to the public.

One should not be alarmed or upset when you find a growing number of citizens who cannot stand and support the values that this country is supposed to represent when stating the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the National Anthem. We’ve got to do a better job in resurrecting decency and getting our country to adhere to basic moral and redeeming values necessary for us to be the great country we are supposed to love and respect.

The rising allegations against political officials with alleged accusations of sexual harassment and abuse is alarming, but continued support by many in the public sector ignoring their actions and more concerned with party loyalty is appalling and inexcusable. Unchecked, these are some of the same politicians aiding in the corrupt downfall of our society, abetting hidden agendas, and promoting their own self interests.

It will take those with moral and spiritual values working together to stop acquiescing. They and we must work to hold this country responsible to the values that we attest to in words and song if nothing else. Let’s fight to resurrect decency and righteousness. We owe it to our children and ourselves. Let’ not be complicit in our fall.

Kudos to those in Alabama who have spoken with action. Let’s hope the rest of the country can follow suit and do what is in the best interests of all Americans.

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