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Exercise is prayer in motion

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rev. Robin Harris Kimbrough

We always think that prayer is about sitting still, but Rev. Robin Harris Kimbrough teaches us that prayer also happens when you exercise. Statistics show that the two most popular New Year’s resolutions are 1) to increase one’s faith and 2) to lose weight. Rev. Kimbrough’s newest book release, Exercise Your Faith: A 21-Day Journey to Physical and Spiritual Fitness, explains this phenomenon: the physical and spiritual are connected. According to Kimbrough, Exercise Your Faith ties together the importance of taking care of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual self.

The book teaches you through 21 meditations basic concepts on the importance of eating healthy, taking care of the mind, and ways to improve overall health. The ‘meditations’ include: 1) Journey, 2) Work, 3) Time, 4) Love, 5) Mindset, 6) Focus, 7) Prepare, 8) Weight, 9) Process, 10) Eat, 11) Drink, 12) Breathe, 13) Stretch, 14) Balance, 15) Core, 16) Strength, 17) Heart, 18) Pain, 19) Repetition, 20) Results, and 21) Rest.

When asked what motivated her to write this book, Kimbrough shared her personal journey with fitness, and how focusing on her physical and spiritual health healed her inside and out. She personally witnessed the power of exercising your faith. God showed her through exercise a simple concept—the physical and spiritual bodies are connected. The same care required for one is necessary for the other. Through these meditations she makes this connection clear, and shows how to use this relationship to become spiritually and physically whole. Wholeness, she explained is a journey of faith.

“As we exercise our faith in God, everything about us improves,” said Kimbrough. “We get permission to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves, and to share this love with others. Exercise Your Faith will make you strong, fit, and prepared to do God’s will.

“When starting an exercise program, consult with a physician to make sure the activity fits your body and health situation. Then, consult with God to make sure what you are doing for your body is in line with what you need to build your spirit. Going through these initial consults will help you stay on the journey, increase your ability to complete the process and see the results.”

When asked about her personal fitness goals, she said: “At first, I was concerned about losing weight and getting a six pack [she laughed], but after losing weight, and going through a 19-day stay in the hospital, I learned that the journey is not about losing weight. It is about getting strong and healthy, growing spiritually, and preparing the body to have the energy to do God’s will. Exercise is more than a number. Exercise is prayer in motion.

“What I want readers to learn and gain from this book is an understanding of the power they have within to become fit in all areas of their lives,” said Kimbrough. “I want people to learn how to trust the process of getting stronger—losing weight, not necessarily in pounds, but in spiritual baggage that can way them down, and to embrace the love of God in how they eat, drink, and take care of themselves. Then, they will see the results of strength, balance, and joy. We all have goals, but we cannot accomplish them without exercising our faith.”

If you want to improve your health, get fit physically and spiritually, purchase Exercise Your Faith on Amazon or at one of Rev. Kimbrough’s upcoming book events. To learn more about Exercise Your Faith, how to purchase a copy, or invite Rev. Kimbrough to share her book and personal journey with your group or club, you can e-mail her directly at <robininspiresme@gmail.com> or visit her website at .

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