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Fitzhugh endorsed for governor by TN Black Caucus

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Craig Fitzhugh

Members of the Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators have formally announced their endorsement for Craig Fitzhugh for Tennessee Governor. In making the announcement, members called Fitzhugh a long-time ally of the Caucus and said he has worked diligently with Black legislators during legislative tenure.

“As one of the senior members of the Tennessee House of Representatives, I can say with no hesitation that Rep. Craig Fitzhugh would be the most qualified and successful governor. Rep. Fitzhugh’s know-how, his understanding of the state budget, and his state legislative experience are invaluable at this time in Tennessee,” said Rep. Larry Miller of Memphis.

Chattanooga Rep. JoAnne Favors agreed.

“Rep. Craig Fitzhugh’s expertise in finance and budgeting has given him a solid understanding of our state’s financial picture and will serve him well as the leader of this state,” said Favors. “A great man, a great leader and an outstanding state Representative, he is the most qualified to be our next governor.”

“Rep. Craig Fitzhugh embodies what a true Tennessean is—hardworking, a dedicated family man, willing to answer the call when others are in need, and always willing to listen to every voice,” said Rep. Rick Staples of Knoxville.

Rep. Johnny Shaw of Bolivar summed up Fitzhugh’s commitment to the three divisions in the state.

“As governor, Rep. Craig Fitzhugh will serve this state well, making each and every Tennessean his priority. We have long known of his leadership, but for those of us here in West Tennessee, he certainly is our salvation,” said Shaw.

Memphis state Rep. Antonio Parkinson said: “While Craig Fitzhugh has the experience necessary to transition right into the governor’s office, I am more impressed by his compassion for the people of Tennessee. He has always been a fighter for working people, public education, and healthcare. He is the most qualified person to become our governor both professionally and personally.”

“I am grateful and deeply honored to be endorsed by members of the Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators who are not only my colleagues but are my friends. During these last few years of several very difficult legislative sessions, the work that the Caucus has done is crucial in all 95 counties. With the racial bias the legislature has shown, especially in Memphis, it is imperative that we must move forward. In these trying times we need leadership that does not ignore the rights of any community,” said Rep. Fitzhugh.

“Respect and decency must be brought back to public service instead of hidden agendas that do not protect the basic rights of Black citizens. The Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators fights vigorously for civil rights and common decency for all Tennesseans.”

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