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Dr. Jewel Tankard’s multi-country, finance grooming tour a rousing success

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. Jewel Tankard

Dr. Jewel Tankard is on a mission to educate people about achieving financial success and securing a financially stable future for their families.

Jewel is a pastor at The Destiny Center near Nashville with her husband, multiple award-winning Gospel/ Jazz music icon Ben Tankard.

Combining her global economy education and her calling and passion in ministry, Jewel is touring the globe with her ‘Preparing the Kingdom: New Rules of Money Tour.’

Her stops have already taken her to a variety of places, including the Caribbean, Curacao, Trinidad, and Tobago.

Dr. Jewel shared vital information on Forex trading and Cryptocurrencies on this particular trip to the Caribbean.

“My heart is full of expectation as I travel to the beautiful islands this weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting with leaders that are passionate about helping eradicate poverty and teaching wealth strategies that will build cash and asset millionaires. When most people think about becoming wealthy, they think it may take a lifetime—but not in the Forex and Cryptocurrency space. It’s happening faster than ever. Millionaires are being created younger and younger,” she said.

Jewel wants to specifically encourage believers to never be intimidated by technology and innovation.
“Commit to learn from it and to dominate it,” she said.

Jewel is open to the opportunity to bring her cutting edge, proven financial solutions to your city in her interactive workshop as part of the Preparing the Kingdom: New Rules of Money Tour.

A snippet of her life-changing seminars in her ‘Wealth Strategies for the 21st Century’ can be found via YouTube video.

To learn more about Jewel’s Caribbean and/ or United States appearances or to book her, contact the group via social media or her Jewel Tankard website.

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