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District 1 election is Thursday, June 28th

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Jonathan Hall

Candidate Jonathan Hall wants to remind District 1 residents that Election Day for the runoff is Thursday, June 28. Early voting is open until Saturday, June 23 at the Davidson County Election Commission Satellite office at 800 2nd Avenue North on the 4th floor, and the Bordeaux Library at 400 Clarksville Pike.

For Hall, what separates him from his opponent, Dr. Judy Cummings, is “his longstanding and impressive record of working for and inside the district.”

“You have a clear choice,” said Hall. “You vote for who has been serving the entire District before entering any race.”

According to Hall, he has consistently produced results within the district. He created the District One Leadership Council; he is the architect of the Jackson law that prevents any more landfills in the area, and he has worked to secure funding for the Bordeaux Hospital and Knowles Assisted Living. Hall is also the HOA president and Bordeaux beautification commissioner.

“I am not a status quo, establishment, or a photo op candidate,” said Hall. “I don’t speak for any mayor, former mayor, or PAC.

“I represent a turning of the page and new leadership. I will represent every part of the District and everyone equally. I am here. I’ve been here. You see me.”

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