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Donald Trump gives himself an ‘A+’ for his time in office

by PRIDE Newsdesk

With 40% of Americans supporting the president’s rhetoric and policies, America remains extremely divided.(photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

President Trump has been in office for 585 days depending on when you read this article. Many conservatives and Republicans believe that he is doing a good job, and in an interview, he gave himself a grade of ‘A+.’ With 40% of Americans supporting the president’s policies and talking points, America is extremely divided, so he may appear right to them.

Roger Caldwell

When Americans wait hours to listen to Trump at his political rallies, his base is all in, and they trust his leadership and his decisions. Many Americans cannot believe that this kind of thinking could exist in 2018, but the Republicans and conservatives attending his rallies “want their country back.”

Wanting your country back has something to do with making America great again, and these code slogans activate a certain percentage of the base of the Republican Party. From the president’s point of view, there is no room for improvement and he can do no wrong, but the majority of news reporters and media companies have a different perspective, and they are out to destroy his presidency.

“For Mr. Trump every day is an hour-by-hour battle for self-preservation. He still re-litigates last year’s election, convinced that the investigation by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, into Russia’s interference is a plot to delegitimize him,” said New York Times reporter, Maggie Haberman.

Trump only sees and believes what is in his mind, and he shuts down anything that isn’t in his reality or doesn’t support his ideology. With almost 28 million Twitter followers, it is easy for Trump to believe that his fabrications and lies are truth and that the Mueller investigation is a ‘witch hunt.’

As the divide grows larger, with months of legislative failure and chaos spreading amongst our friends and allies around the world, Trump’s presidency has been a terrible failure. Every time Trumps opens his mouth, he embarrasses America, locally, nationally, and internationally.

“Similarly, Trump’s managing of the border has yielded miserable results. The recent humanitarian crisis, in which thousands of immigrant children were being separated from their families, has been a PR nightmare for the administration. Polls show that two-thirds of Americans opposed the zero-tolerance policy, which looks like another misstep in his administration’s immigration policy,” said Jared Yates Sexton of Salon.com-News & Politics.

By all accounts, Mueller’s (witch hunt) investigation has been extremely successful finding many key players in Trump’s orbit of breaking the law. Maybe Trump has forgotten that his ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight felony counts, and Michael Cohen, the president’s lawyer pled guilty on the same day Manafort was found guilty on eight felony charges. Two of Cohen’s charges were felony campaign-finance violations and directly implicated the president.

As more of Trump’s business associates are given immunity and others admit to breaking the law, it appears that corruption is running wild during the president’s time in office. When the president gave himself an A+, he was lying again. Many are starting to believe that our president is an international criminal, who has been lying and cheating his entire life. Now he is trying to get away with lying and cheating Americans.

When a worker is caught lying, cheating, and stealing, they are fired—so why is Trump allowed to remain in office, when he is caught lying, cheating, and stealing.

It is time for all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives to stand together and refuse to be embarrassed by our president any longer. We must stand up for American rights and stop his unlawful attacks on ACA, speak out against locking children in cages, and reject his trampling of civil rights.

From America’s point of view, the only grade Trump should get is an ‘F’ and citizens must fight for the soul and values of our nation, and remove our president from office, by any means necessary.

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