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19-year-old fiction author Natica Brown prepares to publish 4th book

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Nineteen-year-old Natica Brown, an accomplished author of three books—with more coming soon. (courtesy photo)

By all accounts each writer, author and even young person is different in his or her own right. However 19-year-old fiction author Natica Brown is a breath of fresh air and indeed a motivator to those in his field and beyond.

He has three published books to his credit, and number four is soon on the way. Natica says that after that, he has two more of that particular (horror) series. When asked why write and publish books, and where does he see himself in five to 10 years from now, his reply was simpler than expected—and a reply that would generally be heard from older authors.

“So the first book I ever wrote and published was based off this really vivid dream I had that I couldn’t get out of my head. I told friends and family members about it and they were the ones who encouraged me to write. Hopefully within the next five to 10 years I’ve gotten myself out there. I’m on talk shows not just for the publicity, but because I’m inspiring other people to write and publish their works,” said Brown.

To date he has a lot of support and positive influences in his private life and his writing life. It began in his early days of my writing. His grandfather was a key supporter then and remains his biggest fan to this day.

“My grandfather made sure that I had contacts in the writing world to help me out,” Natica said. “He got up at 3 am to read over my work and give me tips on my writing style. Overall, he just supported me and encouraged me to keep going and even if I gave up he’d still be there for me and proud of me.

“What do I say to anyone that ever asked me how I do it? I just say never give up. Even if you don’t feel inspired, sit down and write ideas down. Stare at your screen and surround yourself with other creative people, even outside the writing world. They will be the ones who encourage and inspire you the most. If you can see yourself writing, then do it and don’t stop there.”

Brown said that writing is pretty much his gateway of relaxation. He loves it and loves working with people on his writing. Outside of writing, he runs whenever possible. But the young author wasn’t always so predictable. He said that before high school ended, he threw wild parties. But his mom was always so chilled about them that they never got too wild or crazy.

Advising other authors, his answers aren’t’ hard to follow.

“If nothing that we do matters,” he said, “then all that matters is what we do.” That quote was from a television show angel, and it always struck a chord with him, seen as a creed he tries to live by. But he cautions one should not be reckless and carefree.

Some would say that Natica Brown is wise beyond his years, an old soul in a young talented body. His books to date include: The Rage–A Game of Survival; The Rage 2–The Lost Island; and The Rage 3–A Fight for Survival.

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