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Looking at Donald Trump — even the blind can see it

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The shenanigans seem to only be accelerating during this Trump era where all signs of morality and decency have been thrown out the window. This president’s display of unscrupulous and maniacal behavior is only encouraged by a GOP dominated Congress and a devoted Trump base that doesn’t seem to care what type of behavior he manifests. It doesn’t appear to distract his supporters even when this country has become the laughing stock of the world. His lies, deceit, and blatant deception are vices that have become commonplace among this administration.

The actions and demeanor manifested and accepted by so many in public office offer a disappointing scenario to present to our youth who are looking up to us for guidance and direction. Hopefully, in the future, our younger generation can demonstrate the morality, ethics, and integrity that so many Trump supporters have failed to manifest. One would like to believe that honesty, decency, and morality will eventually be restored to the office of the presidency in upcoming elections.

Regardless of all the chaos surrounding the president, you still find some die-hard supporters who are oblivious to any of his moral and ethical shortcoming. Many of his supporters may argue that the economy hasn’t been this good in years, attributing this economic renewal to Trump’s leadership. It would be wise to look at the whole picture. If you are interested in the truth, we all know that the bulk of the economic upswing we are enjoying was initiated under former President Osama’s administration. The good that could be attributed under Trump’s reign is riddled with controversy and uncertainty because of his unethical and unsavory practices, true objectives, and corrupt emotional disposition.

President’s Trump has work assiduously to bring about big tax cuts for big corporations and the rich. His propensity for deregulation is making it easier and cheaper for big businesses and corporations to make money by putting workers in harm’s way. His deregulation in many areas is aiding in polluting our environment, precipitating an impending death for so many of us. He doesn’t seem to understand that conservation of the land, air, and water is pertinent for our children’s’ future survival. Under no circumstances should exorbitant profits and greed take precedence over human lives.

The president’s modus operandi to promote his self serving agenda seems to be predicated in continuously creating a racial dividend feeding his loyal base propaganda that anyone who says anything negative against him is lying. When we have a mendacious president supported by staff trying to tell the public that unadulterated facts can be considered as alternative truths, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Trying to sanitize his demoralizing and racist epithets only serves for its continuance.

We all know the game he is playing, but many acquiesce or even support him because they can identify with his racial views. Yes, I said it. He is the voice for racist, bigoted Americans, saying the things they wish they could say but are afraid to publically verbalize. Can one honestly question why people of color question their White friends who readily support Trump after all the racial slurs and insensitivity toward minorities he has manifested? Integrity, honesty, respect, and morality must mean something to a decent individual.

The GOP led Congress is so desperate to keep control. They are literally willing to sleep with the devil, even making concessions for him. Some of Trump’s top staff such as his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort; foreign policy campaign advisor, George Papadopoulos; and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, have been found guilty of gross felonies such as tax and bank fraud, perjury and conspiracy. It’s highly unlikely that you can surround yourself with unethical or unsavory confidants and advisors and not be aware or complicit in their dealings.

When is enough, enough and Republicans can honestly say that the current president is not representative of their values, morals, and ethics and divorce themselves from this burning house? This would only help to revive their credibility as decent and moral individuals with a conscious.

Thank God everyone is not in denial. They have not all drunk the punch. Some are vigilant about keeping this egoist from totally destroying this country by eradicating what we claim as a democracy.

I can only hope and pray that there are enough enraged people in this country who will make it a priority in November to turn the tide and save this country.

We don’t have a choice if we truly love this country. This masquerade must end.

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