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Nashville NAACP: The next five weeks will be busy

by PRIDE Newsdesk

The next three to five weeks are going to be very busy, especially if you are a member of the Nashville NAACP. For now, it’s voting time.

The state and federal elections are upon us. We don’t want to understate these elections. However, there is a very important election for the citizens of Metro Nashville.

The issues facing Nashville are bigger. The city’s minority citizens are facing very big issues, including: loss of housing, lack of shopping malls, and poor and underfunded schools. Also, our streets and roads are in need of great repair or replacement, and there is the unsettled question of much needed public transportation.

Probably the most important referendum of our lives will be the Community Oversight Board Referendum. If nothing motivates you to vote, then the Community Oversight Board Referendum should make all of you move and get out the vote!
Better yet, take five friends or relatives with you to vote!

We should remember that all elections are local. The job of the citizenry is to ensure that the local and state public officials understand the citizens’ wants, needs and desires, with the expectation that this information will be acted upon by the federal government. This may be idealistic, but it’s the way the founders meant the government to work.

The NAACP urges all citizens to exercise their constitutional right and duty.
Please get out and vote. Better yet, get out and vote early.

Now those us that are NAACP members have a double responsibility. The Nashville Branch elections will be held on November 15 at the Branch office.

This is an important election for Nashville NAACP members to have their say in who will be leading the Branch for the next two years. This election will determine what the goals and objectives will be and how the community will be served. So don’t despair, please get out and vote.

(Daniel Battle Griffin, Jr. is the administrative manager of the Nashville NAACP.)

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