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Reminiscing about outcome of midterm elections in Tennessee

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

With all my wishful thinking and prayers, it was not enough for my beloved state of Tennessee to become a blue state. First, I would like to let it be known that I don’t like being put in a box, i.e., being forced to identify as a Democrat or a Republican. Being the conscientious free thinker I am, I find myself gravitating more towards being an independent or moderate with no true allegiance to any political party. However, I vehemently defend and exercise my right to vote my convictions. My position on major issues affecting the public is guided by my moral compass and what I feel is in the best interests of the poor, trivialized, common working man or middle class—not primarily the wealthy and big corporate businesses.

Maybe my political affiliation is guided and influenced by me being an African American or a minority and acting on my reality and experiences in that capacity. Leaning on what I have seen and experienced explains why I have a propensity to gravitate to or be associated with liberal Democratic views and practices more so than with the conservative views of Republicans. I personally feel the Republican Party is one of exclusion for the trivialized, poor, and common working class. By no means am I trying to tell anyone what political position to support but only sharing my personal political views based on my reality.

In all honestly, in the past I could see some redeeming positions one could relate to on both major political sides that could warrant thought. But the present Republican Party seems to have been highjacked by demagogues who spew hatred and divisive rhetoric accentuated with blatant lies and deception. While this can be said to be practiced by both major political parties, just use your eyes and consciousness to determine for yourself which one is the most toxic and morally corrosive to the moral fiber of this country (if you can still say we have a moral consciousness).

At this time, I feel one must be totally blind, apathetic, or a purely unadulterated racist if you truly support the antics or actions on this president believing he is acting in the best interests of all Americans (give me a break). Maybe from an economic perspective, you may feel that under his administration you are faring well, but at what cost?

Can anyone who is honestly supporting the president at this time claim he is the best we can do, especially if you acknowledge his detrimental shortcomings are putting the country in harm’s way? He has made our country the laughing stock of the world. He has racially divided our country and dissolved global relationships, making us more vulnerable to international repercussions jeopardizing our national security. A plethora of people in Tennessee finds it hard to understand why allegiance to and support for this president could be considered harmful. But according to national poles, most of our nation feels otherwise.

I find it interesting how some of his staunchest supporters fail to acknowledge or condemn his behavior. They allow this disgusting manifestation of manipulation to use hate, lies, and divisiveness to continue. When is the moral Republican base going to wake up and disassociate itself from him? When will it avow that he doesn’t represent their moral views relating to humanity? Truly this can’t be what the Republican Party is all about. Under his administration he acts to diminish what may be the commendable views of the Republican Party. In the end don’t people look in the mirror and acknowledge the true image of what they are?

As a member of a minority, I can’t help but see the president as repulsive, racist, and divisive. Based on his actions and the things he has said, it should not be surprising to his loyal supporters why the bulk of minorities see him as racist and the Whites supporting his behavior as complicit and undercover racists.

I can truly find some solace in living in Davidson County as well as acknowledging Shelby and Haywood counties that overwhelmingly showed their support for the blue during midterm elections. It can be noted that many urban areas working together with growing shared diversity are apt to vote for candidates that promise to help the poor, underserved and middle class. I guess that is why I find it easy to understand why poor and trivialized residents in dominantly rural White counties in Tennessee and southern White states lacking shared diversity or cultural exposure, continuously support those who have historically not acted in their best interests. Maybe in time, more Tennesseans will wake up and uniformly ride a different color.

Congratulations to Brenda Gilmore on being elected as our senator for District 19, and the passing of Amendment One (Community Oversight Board).

Congratulations to Bill Lee for being elected governor, and Marsha Blackburn for being elected as a senator representing Tennessee in Congress. I wish them well and pray that they work to best serve all Tennesseans, not just the wealthy and big businesses.

Thanks America for voting. It lets us know what we must do to make this country own up to the redeeming principles we so adamantly claim to represent.

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