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My cup runneth over

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Thanksgiving offered me a time to personally reflect on the goodness of a God who provides us with blessings that falleth on us like rain. The truth is that every day should be Thanksgiving, a day that we praise and acknowledge an omnipotent love God who loves us in spite of who we are. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I often feel so unworthy of God’s love and blessings that I must be doing something right because it is no secret that he takes care of his children, which I consider myself a part.

God has blessed me with good health, an awesome wife, Mary (25 years of marriage), and two extraordinary sons, Steven and Matthew who are my heroes. I am blessed to still have my mother and all of my siblings (four brothers). I have a wonderful home inundated with loving memories and walls constantly echoing with joy and laughter from those coming and going. I consider myself among the richest in love and blessings one can imagine. Truly when it comes to top notched friends, I feel have won the lottery. However, I will be the first to acknowledge that all these blessings are borrowed, on loan from God, and can easily be taken from me if he chooses. Therefore, it is not hard for me to understand that where much is given, much is required. I am sure there are those who can relate to what I am saying.

God abundantly blesses me and inspires me to work harder to be worthy of his love. I only hope that I can manifest my appreciation for his love and blessings by physically helping others and giving of my time and resources.
God knows what is in my heart, but words or feelings without deeds or action are empty. I have reached a plateau in my life in which my greatest goal or purpose in life is to build my spiritual relationship with my Higher Power, which I personally acknowledge as God. This task is something I am taking seriously because when you try to divorce yourself from the secular world and seek the spiritual, you must be prepared to combat negative human influences and fight corruptive principalities and municipalities. I know I will be vilified and maybe persecuted for acknowledging God and for following his ways. That is the cross I have been taught that I must bear if I am to follow him, but God is worth it to me. He has always had my back and I would like to believe I have his back. Forsaking God is not an option for me.

Because I love God and seek to serve God, I don’t have the option of acquiescing and allowing evil to prevail. I am obligated to speak out, even at times when it is unpopular and with dire consequences.

God has promised me eternal life for accepting him and trying to make a difference, even if I fail. Helping your fellow brothers and sisters who are downtrodden and have no voice is a mandate that anyone that truly follows God should practice relentlessly.

When you help those less fortunate and fight injustice and inequality, you are truly serving God.

I am working daily to love my God as he has commanded, with all my heart, with all my soul, with my entire mind and with all my strength. God also requires that I should love my neighbor as I love myself, which is probably my biggest task at times. It is hard for those who love God. They must also try to make other people choose between their love for God and the power and authority of man.

Forsaking God in public buildings and at public gatherings because of man’s law is not an option for me. I refuse to let man or the secular world dilute my association and fealty with God, whatever the cost. How can I not be an example to the world of the blessings, love, and mercy that God has so gracefully and abundantly bestowed upon me?

When man tells me how and where I am to honor and praise my God, then I know God is under attack and I will not be a willing supporter. I only wish everyone could feel the love that I feel for God and be appreciative of his love, mercy and ever flowing blessings. I am referring to blessings that some receive daily that they literally take for granted. While some may vacillate on whether to follow man’s law or God’s law, I unapologetically choose God’s law.

You’ll gather no excuses from me, rationalizing or gravitating away from God to fulfill man’s secular mandates. I chose to honor the God from which all my blessing cometh.

Thanks again for your love, mercy, grace, and blessings. I can’t speak for anyone else, but all my blessings come from Thee.

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